Thursday, April 19, 2012

Va Va Va Voom!

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Today's letter is V.

Jenny Matlock


I'm on a travel obsession this week, since we are preparing for our road trip this summer. So the first V word that comes to mind is Venice. 

I loved Italy and would go back in a heartbeat. Rome, Tuscany, Florence, the Lakes, lovely Sorrento...what memories! But of all the places we have been in Italy, I have to say that Venice was my least favorite. Really,  I don't have any desire to go back! Been there, done that...check!

Here's why I would pass:

1) It's Very, Very crowded.  The streets are jammed with touristas and semi rude people.
2) It's Very, Very expensive.
3) It's Very hard to get a meal that doesn't cost you an arm and leg.
4) It's Very smelly along the canals, and they herd you around like cattle. Romantic?  I don't think so!

If you think I'm not Very Venturous or Vicarious,  here's one reason I might be coerced to going back...

Mama Mia!! I'll take that gondola, please.

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Laurel. Where have you been all my life?


  1. Your impressions of Venice are shared by many, but as a student of history I find Venice to be one of the most fascinating cities on earth. I've been many times, and Venice is the closest thing to a time machine I've encountered. I just love getting lost in the back streets, following lazy canals and pretending it's the year 1512 again.

    1. If there hadn't been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people, perhaps I could have enjoyed your view a little more. I'm not claustrophobic, but I thought I was going to die!!! We did eat at a wonderful restaurant on the "mainland", on a quiet street. Two borthers owned it and they spoke little English. Food was a ten and we had such a great time with the other patrons.

    2. Go to Mumbai someday! You will fall in love with Venice! I stayed in Mumbai for an year...i quit my job to leave that city... :p

  2. I long to visit Venice on a sunny day. I've been there twice, and it rained both times - of course once was in March, and it was predictable!

  3. Ohhhhhh yes!!!! Unfortunately, I am way past that age! We are spending our vacation on the Georgia coast, at Jekyll Island, with our sons and our GRANDCHILDREN! I can, however, dream!!

  4. All good reasons I would stay away too! Well maybe except for the good looking guy. I can look right? :)~Ames

  5. I would go just to see that hottie

  6. Oh! Is Venice that bad? I never knew! Smelly, crowded and expensive are the words that haunt me...

  7. I would like to see Venice one of these days, as it is such a much talk about place on this earth. Sorry that you don't like it that much!

  8. Va va voom, indeed! Some places need visiting just to say you've been there.

  9. Ha ha!
    I would love to visit Italy sometime. I have been to Rome only and that was long ago.
    Florence is what I'm thinking. because I've heard it's great.

  10. I have been to Venice and I agree...I do not ever need to visit Venice again. Your reasons are right on. I prefer lesser known locales. VaVaVaVoom...

  11. Good v-v-v word. My daughter has been to Venus but not me. She was robbed while she was there.

  12. Interesting take on Venice. I have not been myself but a good friend went to Europe last year and of all the many countries she visited Venice was the one she rated the most highly. I can't comment I have not been but the reasons you gave sound valid to me. thanks for sharing.

  13. That man is Very attractiVe... Too bad if I went to Venice, Mr. Jenny would be with me... (((winkwink)))

    Wonderful post for the letter "V"!

    Thanks for linking.

    A +


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