Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shops I Adore, Part 3

From the time that I started creating and designing in all my art forms,  I always wanted to be a shop keeper of sorts. I imagined having a little boutique filled with all the things that I created - jewelry, clothing, aprons, batiks, paintings, purses, pillows and everything in between. I would call it Laurel Leaves, which incidentally became the name of my jewelry line today and was also the name of my hippie dresses that I designed and sold on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley back in the 60's.

I never to seemed to have enough confidence to make my dream a reality, but opted instead for corporate America. I spent my weekdays crunching numbers, and my weekends creating, ever dreaming of more beautiful "Victoria Bliss" kind of lifestyle. Somehow, I knew I would be good at it, but the gumption to take that leap of faith and put my money where my mouth was never materialized.

Perhaps that's why I am a such a good window shopper. And no small wonder that my favorite places to shop are the little boutiques that I dreamed about owning all my life. I am content to just take photos of all the pretty stuff.

Like Ambiance, a little shop near Trader Joe's in my neighborhood...

When I see jewelry in a shop, I always wonder if they would like to sell mine...but I never ask.

I love these quilted aprons...she has a new selection every season. I make aprons...I

Love these candlesticks!

I would have done this vintage thing in my shop...

I coulda made these....Hel-Lo!!!!

Shabby Chic stuff intrigues me, but I don't have any...hubby's not too keen on "cute". 
But isn't this cute???

Adorable little leather belts

Don't these blossoms look real???

I love to revisit Ambiance often, as things are always different and so artfully displayed. The thing about owning a shop like this is that it requires commitment.  My financial brain says, you have to work hard, seven days a week, 24/7, to survive in this stingy economy. It's not all "Victoria Bliss".

When would I have time to shop???

Laurel. When in doubt, shop.

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  1. Mrs. Chatterbox would move into this shop if she could. She adores "cute." I don't. It must be a gender thing.


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