Friday, April 6, 2012

Give me a break, Dr. Oz!

Am I the only one on the planet that isn't a Dr. Oz fan? No matter who I talk to, or what we're talking about, somehow the conversation morphs into a discussion of what was on Dr. Oz yesterday. I will admit that I have watched a couple of his shows out of curiosity, but I find him to be amazingly simplistic. And because he speaks mainly to women and their "issues", women keep tuning in for the miracle cure for aging, ailments or conditions.

"Change your life in just three days...tune in tomorrow."

"Get rid of your wrinkles with this miracle household cleaning product...tune in today at 4:00"

"Learn these five secrets to maintaining a healthy urinary week on Dr. Oz."

"Trim 400 pound of useless fat in just 6 at 4:00." (This show was actually about dumping your old man...just kidding...but it would have made more sense!)

And on and on and on.  You would think that if only one or two of his cure-alls were as easy as he claims they are, we'd all be amazingly svelte, gorgeous looking and live forever.

I am sure he's a real doctor and all that, but I hate the way he makes everything sound so easy, so fool proof.  Did you tune in where he had all the poops up on the big screen, going on and on about what our excretions should look like? The colors on the monitor were right off the basic color wheel - brown, green, white and black. If I ever eliminated anything that even remotely resembled any of those colors, I'd be at Kaiser in a flash. I mean, really...what does he mean by "green"? Are we talking olive, puce, avocado or spring green?  How black is black?  You never seem to get enough information to do you any good - only enough to potentially scare the crap (literally) out of you. Personally, I prefer the Saturday Night Live rendition of the show.

But I digress.  The hubby and I did tune in for the "belly busting" show last week, muffin tops languishing in our recliners.  According to the good Doctor "if you just eat this simple breakfast  everyday for five days (are you kidding me?) and take this supplement, then....." Of course he never tells you what will happen or promises any results, but he wanted the lady on the show with the muffin top to commit to the 5 day regimen. Five days? Really? But I'm thinking, 'don't be such a cynic, Laurel, give it a try'.

So, here it is...the belly busting breakfast.  By the way, I've been eating this breakfast for several years now, and my stomach remains larger than my skinny jeans will tolerate.  His secret must be in the capsules?

You have to admit though, the combination is utterly delightful looking and very tasty. But I had Dr. Oz's breakfast in Croatia before I ever knew it was his, and it's been my favorite way to start the day for several years. It must be the capsules.

So the proof is in the pudding.  This, my friends, is my 'before' picture.  In five days, I will take another pic, same shirt, same jeans.

Somehow I doubt it will be much different.  The good Doctor did not mention that you probably need to starve yourself for the rest of the day, or take three of those horse pills a day, or walk three miles a day, or drink 3 quarts of water each day, or add a "gentle cleansing laxative" to your diet.  Maybe, just maybe, you may be able to zip these jeans in five days. 

Laurel. Eat your eggs!


  1. Your take on Dr. Oz and his shows is very correct for me. I lost all interest in them when they played stupid games. I agree too little actual helpful information but just enough information to be dangerous. Self diagnosis is not for me. Best of luck on the skinny jeans with no muffin top. I am a faithful Weight Watcher and Zumba participant and I still struggle with excess fat!

    1. I think I'm doomed to have a tummy forever..

  2. For the life of me I can't think of anything to say. That's a first for Chubby Chatterbox.

    1. Sorry...didn't mean to gross you out:)

  3. some know-it-alls are just tiresome. though, i hope for your sake that your jeans fit even better. who doesn't love a bit of thinning around the middle?
    i'm here from bpotw.

  4. Oh, I am TOTALLY with you on this one! I find him to be a bit glib...I think the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the episode where he swallowed some tiny little camera and it was showing the inside of his intestines on some giant screen on the front of the stage. ICK. And then he had some truckers come on and eat tons and tons of fruit and track their potty use...and he just seems to get so much enjoyment from talking about poo... UGH.

    Anyway, I'm hopping over from the Best Posts of the Week hop, and I'm a new follower! I wish you luck on your jeans dilemma! LOL

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  5. I've wondered about the Doctor's claims too! I belong to an eclectic group that still exists today... "everything in moderation" that seems to work pretty well.

    There are rarely any quick fixes in life. Unless of course 'divine intervention' has been added to the equation.

    Appreciate your blog visit and comment. Thank you!

  6. I don't like him either! Even if he's right about everything he's ever said, I find him to be so superior and sort of condescending at the same time - I can't watch him even if I'm interested in the topic.

  7. Not a fan of any "expert" that simply rehashes all the same common sense things that we've been hearing for years. People know what they need to do to change their habits, it's just that it's hard to do that.

    But actually I'm just annoyed because as you mentioned, he touts all these "superfoods" that I've been eating for years. Because of that, the store was sold out of my chia seeds and other foods I've been buying forever because "Dr. Oz mentioned them and we sold out." Good lord. But to be positive, my favorite sandwich is simply smashed avocado on sprouted wheat bread, so delicious breakfast, my friend ;)

    1. I hate it when that happens! That's my other pet peave...stores that don't stock my favorite Bath and Body: just when you start liking a fragrance, it's discontinued. Or Costco..."WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE EXCEDERINE THIS WEEK????

  8. *waves hands over head*

    I'm not a fan either!

    I find his followers (and Rachael Ray's, too) quite cult-like and that freaks me out and makes me sad about humanity. I also don't think he should put his stamp of approval on any products--any other legit doctor won't have their name attached to any sort of consumer goods.

    I will come back to see how the diet works for you!

    1. I will probably just post the same picture...LOL!!!!!


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