Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joyous week

I think I'm busier in retirement then I ever was crunching numbers, forming subsidiaries, teaching investing and running health plans. In those days I never seemed to have enough time to do anything creative and I was stressed out all the time.

It's been over four years since I said adios to the corporate world, and though there is a never ending list of things to accomplish, the list of stuff is fun and gratifying.

And I had an awesome week!!! For my bank account, not so much...


I went to a CAbi party.  If you don't know CAbi, it a line of clothes by Carol Anderson that she markets at showings in homes.  Carol got her start designing dresses for Nordstrom, and everyone I knew had a Carol Anderson dress.  Anyway, her clothes are very trendy these days, and I am a sucker for them at her twice yearly showings.  The best part about a CAbi party is that you can try everything on before you buy, with your friends standing by with their critiques!

See Cabi stuff at


I knitted with my group.  We meet at a coffee shop and sit in a giant circle and sip and knit...and of course, talk, share, show and tell, teach, laugh, etc.  I love these gals!  I'm working on a top for our road you think it will go with those CAbi pants I bought? The yarn is made from sugar cane.


I had an appointment with Brenda Azevedo at Just B Cosmetics to have some custom makeup made just for me! It was amazing watching her make my foundation and lipstick.  And I really appreciated her makeup hints and application techniques. These fabulous foundations, pencils, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. are more economical than the Lancome and Chanel products in the department stores and they don't have a lot of "extra" ingredients...just stuff that's good for your skin! If you live in the Sacramento region, make an appointment!



I took a class from Laura at my favorite vintage shop, The Vintage Bricoleur, on making flowers.  I had seen these adorable vintage rose pins at the shop, and Terry, the owner, let me know that there was a class if I wanted to sign up.  Bottom line, the flowers were easy to make and I had a wonderful time sitting around the table, talking and laughing. Are they not just the sweetest things?

And Friday?

I FINALLY BOUGHT A DRESS FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been wanting a professional dress form for years, but the really nice ones are a little pricey.  I did a lot of research into various models on the Internet (I even blogged about a hilarious customer review about a particular brand of dress form).  I considered the cheaper ones that they offer in the local fabric stores. But being hooked on Project Runway, I wanted the "real" dress form that the designers use. So yesterday, I broke the bank and went for it!

What a great week! Can't you just see me now...all made up, flowers in my hair, fabulous lemony jeans with my hand knit sweater on, huddled over my sewing machine making a fabulous new outfit that I designed on my new "doll", as the hubby calls it.  Guess I'll have to name her.

I'm accepting suggestions...let's do a contest.  You pick the perfect name for my dress form and I'll send you a flower!!!  LOL!

Laurel. Life is good!


  1. No one can accuse you of not doing all you can to help improve the economy. Some might call this excessive spending, but I call it patriotism. (I hope my wife doesn't read this,)

  2. Great blog, I'm staying over here.
    Cheers from Argentina.

    1. Gracias, Humberto. I have a dear friend who was raised in Argentina. Sounds like a great place to visit!

  3. Wow I didn't know they made yarn from sugar cane. I love your dress form, too!!


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