Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mess of Creative Genius

Ask my husband and he will tell you that as much as I profess the need of  keeping my interior space free of household clutter and messes, I am pretty much a slob.  I was always that way growing up.  My Mom would shudder as she quietly closed the door to my room. That pattern held on through the bedroom today is never the disaster it was when I was young, but I do have a tendency to toss my jeans over chairs and just pull the covers up haphazardly on the bed in the morning. The difference is that now I usually will straighten everything out within the day, because I truly DO hate clutter and mess.

Also, I am a very messy cook.  I can use every bowl and pan in the kitchen.  It's a good thing I have tile floors, as there is no shortage of flour, chopped onions or cracker crumbs to step on after one of my sessions.

I am wondering if it's a schizoid personality know a defect of some kind - the desire for order and the inability to carry it out. I see this pattern repeatedly in my daily life. I love my home to be pretty, but I really only care about the rooms you might see when you came to visit. The rest  of the house, not so much.

Nowhere is it more apparent that I am a natural slob than in the "back room".  I share this space with the computer and office desk, but the the majority of the room is my creative space.  I bead, sew and craft here, and these adventures are no less messy than my kitchen while I am cooking. I prefer to think of my back room messes as the result of creative genius.

And this week I am obsessed, hence the reason for the absence of blogging.  I am participating in my first ATC swap with some fellow bloggers.  I just happened upon Kimberly's blog on Artist Trading Cards, which are small 2.5" X 3.5" works of art.  You can use any media, as long as they keep to the size.  Needless to say, I want to play, Kimberly!! Tiny projects like this are very enticing to work can finish them in a day.  I need to create six of them for trading, so I have been working furiously on each little picture, leaving everything else in my life seemingly on hold. Four down, two to go!

Hence, my messy work space. Where are those scissors? What did I do with the gold pen?? Dang, I can't find anything! DUH!!!!


I will clean it up when I'm done. Really. I promise...

Laurel. Do something creative!


  1. When I was a professional artist I could either keep a clean and tidy studio or I could create art. I found it impossible to do both. Art is a messy business.

  2. Hi Laurel. I am thrilled to see you are participating in Kimberly's ATC swap. I am too. Your little works of art sound fabulous. I never mind messes if they are the creative type. I actually prepped mine for mailing today and after I completely closed the package realized I did not take photos! DRAT!! (Shhh...just to let you know, some of us include an extra ATC just for Kim as a thank you for her managing the swap. You certainly do not have to do so and I hope you don't mind me telling you this info.) Blissful "April in Paris" creating...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate all those who share and leave their comments very much. Laurel

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