Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rest in Peace, Thomas Kincaid

The famous painter of light Thomas Kincaid passed away. He was 54 years young. Though I was not a huge fan (I never got on the buying Kincaid frenzy), I thought that his paintings were magical.  And you have to give the guy props, he certainly knew how to market himself.

As a tribute and in recognition of his accomplishments in such a short life, I thought I might share the only Kincaid thing I own...a cross stitch that I completed 8 or 9 years ago.  The pattern was very difficult, and it was only my second attempt at cross stitch. People thought I was crazy for trying it, being such a novice.  But in my true Laurel style, I liked the picture and I was pretty sure I could do it.

Rest in peace, Thomas Kincaid.

 Laurel. Stitch a memory.


  1. I had not heard that Kincaid died. As a commercial artist his success can't be denied and his technique was certainly good. Had he lived in another era his landscapes might have been given serious consideration.

  2. I never got the Kincaid frenzy either as he was way too commercialized for my tastes. Your stitchery on the other hand is beautiful. I time to make it shows in each stitch. Easter blessings...

  3. What a huge project for your second cross-stitch. Beautiful, though, very beautiful :)

  4. This is just beautful, intricate and executed so well. I have not heard of Steven Kincaid before so I will have to study a little more.

    1. Yes, but you have to have seen his work...lot's of little cottages..he started with paintings, then did calendars, then plates, then books, then cnadle, then...kidding, but you can find a Kincade image on almost anything. Very prolific.

  5. Laurel, you did a fantastic job! I'm sure Mr. Kincaid would appreciate your work--a great tribute to him even if it wasn't planned.


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