Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Something Old...

My friend Peg and I have known each other for years. We met when we were both single moms, living in an apartment complex.  Our kids played and fought together most every day and we spent many an evening meeting in the backyard with a glass of wine, watching and laughing at their antics.

Peg's daughter got married this past weekend, and she wanted to give her something special, something old.  She bought some handkerchief linen from Britex in the City, and embroidered a beautiful little "L" on it. Then she gave it to me to hem and attach some handmade lace trim from her grandmother.  The result was so precious - a perfect gift for the Bride!

I really enjoyed the hand stitching on this piece...I hadn't done any fine needlework in ages. I've been fascinated with some of my creative  blogging friends like Susan at http://plays-with-needles.blogspot.com/ and Kathy at http://studiointhewoods.blogspot.com/2012/03/two-new-littles.html  and their ability to make thread "sing".

Peg did a great job on the monogram. Loved the tiny bug!

The best gifts are those from your own hands, don't you think?

Laurel. Sew a memory!


  1. My grandmother used to embroider for a living after my grandfather died back during the Depression. I still have some of her work and I treasure them as reminders of the skill and delicacy of another time. I'm glad that folks like you are keeping this art alive.

  2. that is beautiful...i bet she treasures it and i love the flowers and vine that you added...

  3. Hand made treasures are always the very best. This is stunning and has such beautiful combined memories stitched right into it. A treasure to pass on for generations. Blessings...

  4. ...and from the heart. Beautiful.

  5. You are so right, hand made gifts are made with love and thats what you're giving... Love!
    I popped along to tell you that a full English breakfast, is eggs, bacon, beans,tomatoes, hash browns and black pudding!

    Chris xx

  6. I dislike hogging your comment section but could not reply to your comment by email...no reply comment blogger is your return. Thanks again for stopping by with your well wishes. I am recovering quite nicely. The doctor did something right it seems.


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