Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Trouble with Lace...

It's driving me crazy
knitting this lace
Her friend said “chart it”
you won't loose your place;

I've got it, she said
She breezed through the row
but when she counted
She was one stitch low;

Ripping and ripping  
her work with chagrin
She picked up the chart
and started again;

I've got it, she shouted
with 5 rows down
Now don't get cocky
He said with a frown;

But elated she was
As she whipped out two more
Only to find
A hole in row four;

Ripping and ripping
It might take me years
How can something so pretty
Cause so many tears.

104 words must include He said, She said.

Jenny Matlock

Laurel. Test your patience...knit some lace.


  1. Oh my.... this sounds painful. I've been there - it's not much fun!
    Nice job! 104 words, exactly!

  2. You have just captured the essence of my knitting experience...


  3. Love the poem, what a challenge in both the knitting and the 104 words. You nailed it.

  4. Such a beautiful poem. Loved it Laurel.

  5. I don't know much about knitting or poetry, but it would seem you've mastered both.

  6. Very well done!

    Thanks for visting my blog. I could not say thank you personally because there was no return here it is...Thanks!

    Have a great evening.

  7. Oh this is all too close to home!

  8. Beautiful! I love the context you created for the prompt.

  9. Hahahaha! This sounds soooo familiar! Rod's mum was forever pulling out the stitches and starting over!

  10. Oh my Laurel, been there done that with projects before...I feel your frustration. Great post! Would love to see the finished piece. ;)

  11. How lovely, though.

    Sometimes the things hardest to create are the ones we treasure most!

    This was a wonderful use of the prompt! I really enjoyed the direction you took this.


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