Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo shoot...

My granddaughter is going to be a senior this year, and with that excitement comes Senior portraits. A grandmother's bias not withstanding, she is a beautiful and photogenic young woman, so I have always wanted to have a photo session with her as the star. Though she will have a studio take her official portrait, I thought it might be fun to experiment.

In addition, I had an ulterior motive - I wanted a photo of the red necklace that I just finished a week or so ago, and I have always envisioned my jewelry on a pretty model. And lastly, I have had so much fun using PicMonkey lately to add special effects and "high drama" to my photos.  Put all three factors together and voila!, you have a photo shoot.

My artistic stylings...don't even THINK about using them without my permission!!

A couple of these takes (minus the necklace) might even be a great Senior portrait.  I did do some retouching and editing just to play with PicMonkey, but she really is a beauty without my help...not too prejudiced, do ya think???!!!

Unretouched, and with her little brother.
We may try it again later on, sans necklace and perhaps a little less makeup!

Laurel.  Genes are everything! LOL!


  1. Very good photo's!

    Particularly the black & white snap.

    She has a lovely smile. You must be a very proud granny!

  2. Beautiful Laurel!! I LOVE the first one. Gorgeous!

    PS. Isn't Picmonkey the best?? Love it!

    1. LOVE PicMOnkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your visit!

  3. Great photos! Your granddaughter should be seriously reconsidering having other senior photos made. Very well done. And nice necklace too. ;)

  4. Just because a model is beautiful doesn't make for a beautiful photograph. But your pictures ARE remarkable for their beauty, which is obviously a credit to both the model and the photographers incredible skill.

  5. Your portraits are stunningly beautiful seen from all angles: your granddaughter, your gorgeous red necklace, your final editing --> great shots!! Compliments!
    Greetings from Austria!

  6. What an amazingly attractive girl. Without make up etc she would be stunning. You must be so proud! Loved the necklace too. I wish I could do more with special effects on my camera. perhaps I'll go on a course! You visited me and now I'm visiting you. I would like to follow you and see more of your photos but can't seem to find where. Joan

  7. Look at that necklace!!!!!! WOW!!! Beautiful work!! And Thank you so much for linking up to Love Bug!!


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