Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Horse's Tale

Magpie Tales

Mag 125

Chilmark Hay, 1951 by Thomas Hart Benton

Keep telling yourself
the load is light
With each new day
another plight

My back is sagging
my hooves are sore
This yoke is rubbing
against the chore

Day in, day out
it's always the same
rusty wagon
almost lame

Perhaps my keeper 
could see his way clear
Throw in the towel
and get a John Deere

Every Sunday morning a new prompt of original artwork is posted on Magpie Tales for me to write about...a poem, a vignette...sometimes true, sometimes autobiographical..usually a figment of my imagination:) Thanks Tess...always a challenge.

Laurel. Ride a tractor, hayseed.


  1. the hard life of a working horse....well put. x

  2. Hehe... I don't blame him one bit! A great and funny read.

  3. fun... oh I myself is enjoying riding that John Deere to cut grass...


  4. good one- that horse needs a day off!

  5. The last line is a good one ~ Ha..ha..

  6. Love Benton's work, and I love your poem.

  7. I am awful at poems. I wish I could rhyme darn it.

  8. farming is def hard work...the toil tiring but also rewarding in seeing the harvest ...this also though makes a fine metaphor for much of life though...andmaybe sometimes our need to be willing to let go of how we have always done it and trade up

  9. Maybe you are seeing nto the future, Laurel !

  10. I had a craving too for tractor too! (But I just wrote my ode to my almost John Deere, for Saturday Centus! ....this was beautiful!

  11. heehee

    Straight from the horse's mouth.


  12. Poor old horse - he deserves a rest. Funny, but sympathetic too - well done.

  13. I hope the horse has put a bit of hay into her retirement pot. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully rhymed work, Laurel. =D


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