Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Babysitter

Magpie Tales

Mag #124

Ophelia by Odilion Redon

Such silence, she thought
 as the large Koi brushed past her shoulder.
 So peaceful, so far away
 from the everyday chaos her life had become.
The bubbles floated
 and broke the surface of the water
disturbing the blueness of the sky above. 
She glance sideways
to see if he was watching.
She watched his lips move.
He clapped gleefully
 as she popped to the surface. 
How long? she gasped.
Only 15 seconds, Grandma.
My turn, my turn!!
I have to get a pool,
 picking the algea from her hair.

See where other of my writer friends go with this art prompt on Magpie Tales,
 a weekly linkup for poets and writers.
Myself, I just write what comes to mind when I see the prompt...oh well, what can I say!!

Laurel. It's good to be bizarre once in a while:)


  1. I love this! You start with an air of mystery and end with playful anticipation. well done.

  2. Oh, such a different direction - great!

  3. I like the koi detail!! Fun spin on this one!!

  4. Wonderful take on the picture.

    Thanks for stopping by. I could not reply to your email, which is my custom. I had no choice when I read Ophelia under the painting my mind automatically went to Hamlet. No research required. Hamlet in still in my head from school.

    1. I didn't even make the connection to Hamlet...guess I forgot that one!!! However..."To be or not to be,...that is the question...whether tis nobler...or by..." see I can't remember it! LOL!

  5. swimming with the koi...lovely!!

  6. This was cute...not strange :-)


  7. haha...yeah a pool def might be worth not getting the algea in that hair...smiles...very cute take...

    1. Yea..I was thinking after I published it that I should have named it Satan's Babysitter...not that the kid is Satan, but that Grandma has an evil side... LOL!!

  8. It was great meeting you and everyone at the blogger luncheon. I like this poem, it was creative. I will be back to read more...I look forward to following everyone and learning more about blogging at our next get together.

  9. An interesting twist on the story of Ophelia. the airy feel of your words is a perfect fit to this pastel .

  10. picture this.....the languid woman and the child clapping on-shore. I hope my picture is right.

  11. It was such a thrill to be underwater with the koi and brushed by the algae. Not any ordinary pool but she has to have one! Hope she gets. Nice write, Laurel!


  12. I really liked imagining this little slice of grandmothering life.
    And I chuckled at the 15 seconds.


  13. You have captured the fine line between grown up sensitivities and those of a child. Your words float. I loved the way you brought the ancient Ophelia into today. Thank you for sharing, Laurel.

  14. A novel and enjoyable response to the prompt.

    Anna :o]


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