Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art Quilt 2...

Let the Games Begin!!

Got batting...check.

Got backing...check.

Cut fabric...check.

Complete sandwich...check.

Set up the Viking...try to rmember needle size, presser foot, etc...check.

See if you can remember how to work the quilt through the machine...check.


Adjust your light source, find your tools....check.

Freak out, turn everything off and go to the Mall.

Laurel.  I'll start tomorrow.


  1. Oh this is truly a work of art. I love it I can see you hesitating to sew I make quilts too not as artsy as yours but I understand.
    It is so beautiful. B

  2. It's mind boggling just how much work is going into this piece, and it really shows.

  3. Wow! I so wish that I knew how to do that!


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