Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner Ode to Pearl

Magpie Tales

Mag 126

artwork by Jack Vettriano
She even dreamed about it last she would say it.  She wouldn't be cruel, even though he deserved words that ladies aren't accustomed to using. He certainly didn't have any trouble reeking havoc on the ordered life she carefully maintained, so why should she concern herself with his feelings? She waited, watching to see if he'd show. The ash of her third cigarette fell silently to the polished floor. Forty minutes past the hour and her anger bubbled beneath the surface. She heard the door of his precious Bugatti slam shut, leaving nothing but the rhythmical hum of the engine to break the silence.  She waited for the knock. She mustered her courage as he burst into the tiny apartment.

"Ready?" a Richard Gere lookalike mouthed sheepishly.

She swept passed him, curdling the air as all sense of decorum followed. She turned to face him, noting his chiseled chin quivering ever so slightly.

"I can promise you, Big Boy, it WILL be our last date if you take me to Round Table again."

Laurel. Not single and ever so grateful.

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  1. Oh I don't know...he sounds kinda cute...

  2. I like the last line, he needed the punch on the belly ~

    Great take on the prompt ~

  3. Reminds me of Carly Simon's "You're so Vain." Very well written and the last line is really a zinger.

  4. I like that she stood her ground and didn't wimp out. There needs to be more to this relationship, don't you think? Thanks for sharing another great poem, Laurel.

  5. What is this 'Round Table'? Like the 'Olive Garden'? - LOL

    1. It's an American pizza restaurant chain...

  6. Oh Laurel, I might be tempted to follow this guy - even if it is to The Round Table!!!
    Well-written piece.

  7. I hope they don't go to Round Table again!

  8. oh puhleeeeese pizza? Not me!

  9. haha...something a little more than pizza...treat me a little classier i think she is saying...smiles...

  10. Good morning Laurel

    I enjoyed that!

    Have a good week

    Fiona x

  11. Nicely written with a punchy ending. I hope after that he took her to a nice restaurant.

  12. Oh, honey, that was awesome.

    :-) No one's ever written of me (that I know of). You are now my favorite person. :-)


  13. I hope he didn't take her there... she definitly deserves a nicer place!

  14. Round Table = death to romance.


  15. I wonder what 'Round Table' is like? To a Brit like me, it's quite something!

  16. Oh for sure, never the round table ever! Great post!


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