Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Snap, Gordon!!!

I am addicted to Masterchef. Supposedly (I say supposedly because reality TV is never real) the competitors are just plain ole home cooks who have never cheffed in a restaurant or been a commercial caterer. Supposedly. The shows sometimes airs on two consecutive evenings as it did this week. And as is their custom, the losers of the nightly challenge must face Gordon's dreaded "Pressure Test".

Monday's pressure test? Six fresh eggs cooked 4 ways: a three egg omelet, a soft boiled egg, a poached egg and one cooked "sunny side up".  The three contestants who participated in the test frantically fried, boiled and poached their way to varying degrees of success.  What surprised me was the lackluster attention given to the fried egg.

I am the self proclaimed "Over-easy fried egg Queen". But I haven't had a sunny side up egg since my Dad passed away sixteen years ago. Flipping an egg over in hot bacon grease was not his forte...if you wanted an egg, you're getting it Sunny Side Up on the farm.  After seeing the crispy sickly looking eggs, a.k.a hockey pucks, the contestants offered up to Gordon, Graham and Joe, I accepted the challenge.

Eggs for Dummies

Use farm fresh eggs...the yolks are prettier and DUH, they are better for you!

2.)  Put a little olive oil and butter into the frying pan

3.) Turn the GAS heat onto the lowest setting. (everyone knows you can't cook an egg on an electric stove) Let the pan heat up a little. Be an egg takes time.

4.)  Carefully "unleash" the egg into the oil, ever so slowly.

5.)  As the white slowly starts to cook, spoon the fat carefully over the white of the egg. The whites ONLY!

6.)  Stand over the egg for what seems like hours, spooning oil, watching, waiting.  If you hear one tiny sizzle at any time, you must toss the egg in the disposal and start over.  Any sizzle or spatter denotes "crispies" which is verboten in my fried egg world.

7.)  When your egg whites are fully cooked and a little bubbly, turn your Sunny-side up masterpiece onto a plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper and enjoy.

Oh Snap! I would have creamed the contestants on Monday. Home cooks? Hogwash!

In accordance with the ever so artistic style of Gordon and his boys, I slowly cut into my masterpiece with a knife to ensure that the yolk was cooked properly...PERFECTION!!

And what about the underbelly??? No crispies here...

LOW AND SLOW...rules to live by.

Another egg meets his match!

Laurel. Low and slow.

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  1. I love, love sunny side up eggs also. That is the way my dad ate them, so, as we all know, that is the best way. I, too, haven't eaten one in a long time, but today may be the day! (And, dipped in toast...yum)

  2. I forgot to mention that the pictures are to die for - and shouldn't you say "Bleep"!

  3. How do you feel about blindfolded eggs? You can't break the yolk because the egg is never flipped over.

  4. Your pictures are fabulous! But, alas, I am doomed--I only have an electric stove...

  5. my kids want to come to your house and eat eggs.


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