Saturday, August 11, 2012

You can take the girl out of the Country, but...

I had a great uncle who slept outside in a grove of bamboo for most of the year throughout his entire life.  When the colder weather set in, he would move to the screened in porch.  But always...always slept with the fresh air blowing in his face.  As kids, we thought he was totally wacked out, probably because he was.  Did you have any uncles who would make insoles out of cardboard and wire their boots together because they were old and full of holes.  Probably not.

Call me poor white trash, but there's something magic about sleeping outside on a summer evening.  As a kid, we would drag our sleeping bags out on the lawn when the swamp cooler could no longer keep up with the August heat waves.  Waking in the morning to the smells of fresh mowed hay, the clucking of hens and the plaintive moos of hungry cows was a reassurance that all would be right in the world that day. Our bags were covered with dew and our pillows damp, but we stayed there in the morning sunshine as long as we could...mainly to avoid the daily chores.

I've had the heebie jeebies (a technical term for restless leg syndrome) for the past two nights, and frankly I just wanted a good night's sleep.  What would a normal city girl do?  Yea, you're right, take a pill, a shot of tequila, jump in the pool know what I'm talking about.  Me?  okay, I took the pill, but I also had the hubby create Shangri la in the back yard.

It was a little distracting to hear the motorcycles roar up the street and the neighbor dog's constant yapping, but the crickets finally won out and I drifted off into a dreamland under the stars.

Try it'll understand my weird uncle.  I do.

Laurel. Don't forget the feather bed..

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  1. Looks quite cozy. It's been a while since I've slept outside. Maybe I should do it again.

  2. I do understand wanting to have a breeze blowing -- I need that to fall asleep any more, that and a radio playing softly in the background. Don't judge me. Lol.

    Thanks for joining us at Rural Thursdays this week Laura. Interesting post. :)

  3. I do think your weird Uncle was right on. That looks like a great idea. I would not hear anything here but I afraid the bear might come and get me:). B

  4. Oh Laurel, I'm always talking about doing this! Your campsite looks very inviting!! Mine has an occasional skunk travel through, hence I have not had the guts to sleep outdoors YET!! I love your memory of sleeping outdoors, thanks for sharing with us at Farm Fresh Friday!!


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