Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogging Blahs...

We all get them.  You write witty things, you take cool photos, you link-up, you share your heart...and sometimes it seems like no one notices. While you are busy trying to impress and wow the world, they are busy trying lure you into their world with witty writing and cool photos.

Perhaps it's just this obnoxious heat wave or sheer boredom with life in general, but my blogging has been at an impasse for the last few weeks.  You know those can't  think of a single thing worth talking about, you haven't taken any photos, mainly because you have sat on your back side, glued to the Olympics on the TV.  Thank God, they are over, albeit football starts next week...argh!

Every once in a while, people surprise you.  Someone notices. This morning I saw my own post staring back at me from my blog roll.  Amy, of  Love Bug fame hosts a Photo Show-off every week and she mentioned my blog.  It is wonderful to be cheered on by your fellow bloggers...Thank you so much Amy - you gave me a boost this morning!!

Speaking of surprises, my hubby planned the perfect Sunday for me. First a rousing rock band church service, off to the Tower Cafe for lunch, followed by a visit to the Crocker Art Museum, ending with friends dropping by for dinner by the pool.  What a great day!

the hamburger was worth the wait at Tower Cafe!!!

we became members this year at the Crocker, so we got in for free!!!!!!!!

great exhibit by Pop Artist Mel Ramos

Another Eagle Lake trout bites the dust.  yummy!

Laurel.  Buck up, never had it so good.

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  1. Good Monday Morning. We certainly are having the heat wave. To be 97F in Nevada City is HOT! But I know your weather is even hotter. I have a sister who lives in your town. Blogging Blahs and Life Blahs...I can relate. That is when I switch up my routine and try something different. Wonderful week ahead to you...

  2. Well said! I know exactly what you are talking about! I love your wine photo! My husband and I found a new winery yesterday and it was so fun. The photo looks so relaxing. :)

  3. Hi Laurel, I know what you mean about the blogging blahs. Sometimes, it's difficult to get motivated. The heat is awful. I appreciate your visit. Now, you need to come back and see my dancing at the Nevada County fair. It's below the Skillet Corn post.
    I belong to a group of cloggers. We had to perform in the hot sun this past Saturday.
    Having a nice glass of wine is always welcome. Enjoy your week! Linda

  4. You might have the blogging blahs but it looks like life is pretty good for you right now. Enjoy.

  5. I love your photos -- they all look like they've come from another, softer era.


  6. I read your blog. I love your pictures. And Half the time I laugh hysterically over something you wrote!

  7. I love your photos too. I think your husband is real keeper he has great ideas for an afternoon and night out. The art show would have been great to see. B

  8. I know what you mean about bloging blahs!

    I had my mum staying with me for over a week
    and so didn't get a chance to blog
    when I did my mind went blank and I couldn't think
    of a word to say....

    I love the photos especially the wine
    I am sitting here having a glass of red at the moment
    - it is almost 11pm so nearly time for bed
    but it is just so relaxing sipping a glass,
    reading lovely blogging posts (like yours)
    and just taking a long breath....

    Glad that I visited you today
    I am trying to play catch up
    so have lots of reading to do.

    Have a lovely week

    ~ Fiona

  9. Well it was most deserved my love!! Wonderful photos again!! And that glass of wine looks so refreshing... (I understand the blahs. I am feeling a bit bloggy blah myself at the moment, you know?)
    Thank you for linking up with Love Bug Photo Show Off again!


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