Thursday, August 16, 2012

The pleasures of sewing...

Colette is in hog heaven today.  She knows I'm off to the City to visit Britex fabrics. Even though I'm not shopping for her specifically, she knows that it will be hard not to resist the beautiful "drapey" knits or wonderful linens lining the walls of this San Francisco institution.

Today I am shopping with a friend to find something gorgeous and flowing for her son's wedding. I've been researching designs for "real women with curves", and I've come up with a nice silhouette for her. Colette is trying it with some of my fabric. Black is now okay for weddings, especially formal evenings, but we will be looking for something in my friend's color palette.  I'm thinking blues for a blond, huh??

Now all we need is to parlay some fabric...and have lunch, of course. How blessed am I to live two hours from San Francisco?

And tomorrow? Off to the Gem Faire to find just the right pearls and crystals for the bride's special day and maybe something for her new Mother-in Law?

Laurel.  I love weddings!


  1. Colette is one well dressed babe. Not too chatty I expect.

  2. Britex is one of my favorite places to shop. Your day will be bliss...


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