Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The pleasures of boating....

Whether I am floating on the lake down the road,
putting along like the African Queen, feeding the ducks...

Or enjoying the Delta wild life....

Or watching the sunset on Shasta Lake

Being on the water is like a mini-vacation right at your fingertips. 
Water is soothing, life giving, and rejuvenating. Simple, yet complex...Sounds like fine wine, huh?

Laurel. Love boating.

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  1. LOve your pictures and the word that goes with it. I love water too, although I can't swim. But the reflections and the vast of shapes and forms.

  2. I also love water. We live about an hour from the coast and I need to see the ocean two or three times a year to catch my breath and inhale the magic that is the ocean. I couldn't possibly live between coasts unless there was a huge lake nearby.

  3. That first photo is unreal. It glows!

  4. I love the water you are so right it just feels right and soothes the soul. B

  5. The photographs are just wonderful.

    Love them all.

  6. Magnificent photos. I would be in hog heaven in any one of those photos. Stunning.

  7. oh my gosh!! your pictures are fabulous!!

  8. What lovely captures, from blazing skies to the lovely Great White Egret.


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