Friday, August 24, 2012

Is it "FGF" or just Fall?

Though my Mom lives in the city limits of a small town, her heart remains in the country where I grew up.  Some 87 years young, she still "farms" her small backyard.  A haven for birds, butterflies and all manner of plants and flowers, her garden reflects an amazing green thumb that unfortunately must have skipped a generation.

Either it's just the nature of the Fall season, or I am having FGF...Farm Girl Failure. Granted, I'm not much into gardening, but I want all the trappings of the country at my city hacienda. It's starts off so lush and green in the early summer, with tomato blossoms promising luscious fruit and strawberry vines flourishing in the morning sun.  But by this time of year, the heat seems to have gotten the best of things and I am thinking I'm a pretty crappy gardener.

 A case in point...Why are my figs splitting???????????  I've been waiting to make a fig and goat cheese tart for months and now all I have is fig grenades that have already exploded.

If I pick them before they explode, I guess they are edible...but they aren't as sweet and juicy.

And what the heck is this? Looks like something from The Little Shop of Horrors".  I have already chopped it down once and it keeps coming back. It's HUGE. "Feed me, Seymour..."

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself.  The tomatoes have been wonderful and I have enough basil to have Caprese salad every night.  You can not beat a fresh garden tomato.

And who doesn't love a late summer rose, picked early in the morning?

FGF not withstanding, I guess it only matters that you try...

Even though it's Friday, I'm sharing today on Rural Thursdays and Floral Fridays.
Laurel. Coveting a nice garden. Or a gardener...


  1. That exploding fig looks lethal, although I be it tastes good.

  2. I don't grow figs, so I don't really have any answer as to why they're exploding. But I do wonder if they are like other fruit and will split (explode) it they get too much water?

  3. Not sure about the figs but my first guess is lack of water...? Little Shop of Horrors is one of my movie!
    visiting via Rural Thursday Blog Hop.

  4. Hi, i love your description of your farm and city gardens and the difference between you and your mother's. I can fully relate with you. My mom is 82 and i thought all here fingers and toes are green, as everything she puts on soil grows. That makes our garden in the province a biodiversity garden, everything growing in chaos! haha! I love that roses.

  5. Thank you for sharing your pictures and story!!

  6. lovely post, a tasty post! I also adore the roses...

  7. I've learned you can't be perfect at everything, but it is important that you try, so I agree wholeheartedly with you! :)

  8. I'm pretty sure your weed is pokeweed. If the white flowers turn to purple berries then you know. The birds will eat the berries but the entire plant is pretty toxic and those purple berries make a mess when ingested by birds and subsequently released by their digestive tracts as bombs on your deck chairs.


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