Monday, August 20, 2012

Stimulus funds at work...just kidding!

I'll admit that my neighborhood streets are not heavily traveled, if you compare them to say, Interstate 5. Nor is our neighborhood school in the sad state of repair as some in the county. This definitely not not your basic snooty neighborhood but it isn't littered with abandoned cars and boarded up windows either.  It's a nice, pleasant older neighborhood...for the most part, peaceful and serene. We talk to our neighbors here...we know their names and how many grandchildren they have.

The operative word here is "OLDER". Older means mature trees, manicured lawns and most homes reflecting pride of ownership.  It also means older streets and ours are in pretty sad shape. Imagine our joy to see this sign posted a few weeks ago:

Hooray, we are thinking. Finally...and end to the cobblestones, patchworks and potholes.

No it's not the Grand Canyon or a river bottom....hope I don't twist my ankle trying to go for a walk...

So, here's the kicker...the County evidently has more pretty firehouses to build, more trees to trim, more patrol cars to buy, more deputies and jailers to hire, more traffic signals to upgrade, more welfare checks to distribute, etc., as they have elected NOT to actually pave our streets...just patch them...again.  Oh goody, more of this:

And isn't this one special? We need more of these...I guess you remove the small patch and put in a bigger new one?

The entire neighborhood is all decked out in white marking paint to denote the sizes of the patches.
Here's one in front of my beautiful new concrete driveway. Look...I get a BIG patch!

Come on, guys. By the time you patch all the 6 X 22 feet rectangles, you could have just paved the entire street. I don't get what these administrators and pencil pushers are thinking, but it's clear that we didn't get any of the stimulus funds around our neighborhood.  Roads and streets are evidently at the bottom of the list and it shows.

Laurel. Now there's a budget I'd like to audit...


  1. I can feel your frustration. Still, you do live in a beautiful neighborhood.


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