Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ready for Fall...

I'm not a tree hugger in the truest sense of the word, but for as long as I live I will never understand why people cut down beautiful trees without cause.  Last year, we lost several birch trees in neighboring yards and the bozo across the street actually cut down a giant REDWOOD! Apparently, city people are aggravated with shade, spiny balls and/or piles of leaves that they might have to rake.  Consequently, our neighborhood street has none of the charming Fall beauty it had when we moved in 8 years ago..there is one lone Liquid Amber around the corner that has survived the chainsaw.

Come on people...it's not like we valley dwellers in California have any of the stunning Fall color that graces our friend's home in Vermont, so why cut down the ONLY tree in the neighborhood that produces magnificent Fall foliage? Interestingly, you have to pay the county if you want to cut down an ugly Valley Oak as they are protected.  Not sure why, as we kill them anyway with our over watered yards.

Enough of my rant...

Fall is my favorite time of the year. As the summer heat has frayed the last raw nerve of my blogging friends across the nation, I'll bet they are looking forward to it too.

Laurel. What smells better than a Fall morning? Nothing.

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  1. I hear you! We lived in a neighborhood with massive oaks, we loved all of our 30 oak trees, fall leaves on the yard and all - no clue why people cut them down!

  2. I also love Fall. It's that time of year when I'm most tempted to pack up my painting supplies and plow into nature to absorb and recreate those marvelous colors.

  3. yes, I agree... there is something special in this Fall scent... especially in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is almost set.
    gorgeous picture, btw!

  4. Even though I hate to be cold, I have to admit I am looking forward to fall this year. My torch is finally moved out of my bedroom and into its own studio and I'm too hot to use it much yet.

  5. Oh I agree - I love trees and I'm no tree hugger either :)) It is such a shame when lovely trees are torn down.
    Your picture is lovely :)

  6. I am so-o-o with you on that one! How on earth can anyone cut down a tree unless it is diseased? i just don't get it! Glad to see how much you appreciate the Liquid Amber. Hope it survives!

  7. Yes, I agree! One day I got to work and all the huge eucalyptus trees were gone. We were in mourning and people couldn't concentrate. So sad. Your red leaf photo is beautiful. I'm looking forward to the changing leaves coming soon!

  8. I love Fall, but I'm not ready for it yet. Just started wearing shorts about 3 weeks ago!

  9. Oh Fall is my favourite time of year also. You would like to go hike in my bush and see all our lovely trees. B

  10. The colors in this shot are stunning! Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday, I hope you will link up again this week!

  11. I'm very excited for fall too. As much as I enjoy our tree filled yard, I dread raking all those leaves.


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