Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back on track...

September...finally!!!! I've been waiting for Fall for months and it's almost here. I've managed to survive the horrific sewing machine meltdown throughout August and I have never been so glad to see a month end like this one. I am also pleased to report that I am back on track with my healthier eating habits after a month long cheating fest that all began with a waffle on my birthday.

Those of you who keep up with my adventures know that threw the towel in and finally bought a backup machine. From the very first hum of its little motor, I knew that I was going to be back on track sewing for Suzan, and of course, me and Colette!!! In case you're wondering, Colette's buddy, The Viking, won't be out of Mr. Bill's shop for another 3-4 weeks. Geez.

As I started thinking about my own Fall wardrobe, I thought a trip to Nordstrom and perhaps Macy's might help me get some ideas as to what's trending in Fall fashion.  All I saw was the same old thing - polyester blouses, blazers, tee shirts, etc...especially at Macy's. My dislike of that store is well documented - why did I even bother?

I also spent considerable time on the Internet looking at New York Fashion Week posts, as well as some posts from my fellow fashion bloggers. I am thinking it's going to be a jean, jackets and sweater kind of Fall.  I gravitate toward the casual looks...

Perfect Classic Fall Outfit

I'm starting to see a pattern here

Can I wear those this look.Peachy Blazer & White Top & White Denim Jeans

I am thinking that tops and jackets that go with trendy jeans are going to be my staples this year. Maybe it's a retirement thing, after years of wearing suits and high heels. So I got some luscious red linen at Stonemountain to make a long unstructured jacket and I can't wait to finish it. Pretty sure it's going to look hot with some skinny jeans.

I am also knitting this cute little cardigan sweater called Vitamin D.  I am using a Madeline Tosh Pashmina wool yarn (so soft!!).  To compliment the sweater, I got a deep green linen to make a pair of slacks to wear with it, as well as a soft periwinkle knit to make a long slim skirt with a hemline slit.

My whole goal this Fall is to be a little more purposeful about my "look".  I am hoping my healthy eating will yield some weight loss results...I am growing my tresses out so I can pull them back...I would love to update my makeup, etc...Don't think I'll ever get to this, but don't you love the Fall take on the color?

Stunning - wish I looked like this.       Essie Bahama Mama = berry perfection

Besides revamping myself, guess what?  It's time to drag out the Fall decor for the Hacienda.  I figure I will have a least 2.5 months of the Autumn look before I drag out the RED for the holidays!!

I intend to enjoy the Fall!!

Laurel. Looking up.


  1. With all those projects I think you're going to have a busy fall. Take care.

  2. Love that nail polish and good luck with eating healthy! :)

  3. Like that jacket style. I will wait til it's too cold to fall down to do my sewing.

    Have a great week.


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