Friday, July 3, 2015

Not always perfect...

Even expert sewists can throw together a spur of the moment garment, giving little heed to straight seams, even hems, or perfect facings. Sometimes, you just want something to wear to celebrate the moment.

The Fourth of July is tomorrow, and we always have a BBQ pool party and Fireworks with friends and family. It's probably one of the few times that I feel like wearing red, white and blue...(not exactly great colors for an Autumn).


1.) By a cheap patriotic T-shirt at Michael's, styled for a man. ( unflattering) $3.99.

2.) Cut the heck out of it.

3.) Buy some cheap fabric at the local chain store. $2.50.

4.) Add some side inserts and face the neck and armholes. 


Probably won't hold up in the wash, but who only has to last through the day:)


 Laurel. Feeling Patriotic.

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