Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colette Sees Red...

Don't even think for a minute that just because I sew for SuZan, aka FabricLady at Stonemountain that I don't take time to whip up a few things for Colette. After all, Colette can be a jealous little mini-me, so I do have to keep her happy...and clothed!

I picked up this gorgeous red Linen at Stonemountain a couple of months ago, in anticipation of Fall.  I love to wear jeans, and a lightweight jacket can be a perfect pairing.  I finished this asymmetrical jacket this morning. Naturally, it's 90 degrees outside, so I won't be wearing it quite yet...but I can't wait!!

The pattern is the Rivera Shirt by The Sewing Workshop Collection.

Colette loves it.

Laurel. Go Red!

Sharing with Sew Much Ado today (yes, I know, it's Thursday!!)


  1. This will look lovely on you once the weather turns, provided you can convince Colette to give it up.

  2. That is the perfect 'in between' weather coat when it's not too hot and not to cold.. autumn! and what a great color you chose!!

  3. Very chic if I do say so and wonderful sewing skills displayed Laurel.


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