Sunday, September 15, 2013

I am she...or her...or that girl over there...

If you're my age, you remember Sybil. She was the fictionalized version of Shirley Ardell Mason who had what psychiatrists then called multiple personality disorder. These days, the trend is to make all "bad" things seem better and/or politically correct by renaming them, so today it's called "dissociative identity disorder". Not that I believe for one minute I am channeling Sybil, but those who know me well discovered long ago I am multi-faceted, to put it nicely.

I grew up in the country and my imagination was my salvation.  I could make a game out of the simplest of objects...I was Laura Ingalls as I pulled my red wagon full of dollies across the hayfields...I was Annie Oakley with my tree branch fashioned into a pistol...I was poor pitiful Cinderella as I hung my fourth load of laundry on the clothesline. There were no limits to my imaginings as a child and those same schizoid tendencies still shape who I am today. Okay, I am not Sybil or anything close to being "clinical".  But I do lean towards an eclectic mix of things that make my bell ring, that make me smile, that bring me joy. You could say that I am my own little world of diversity, to be politically correct.

For instance, I grew up with guns and hunter/men on the ranch...they were a means to an end - FOOD on the table.  I don't really like guns today..they creep me out.  However, I do a own a Daisy.  Dave gave it to me on our anniversary one year, as I was so frustrated with a squirrel that kept snatching my figs.  I am actually a good shot, but I can't bring myself to actually shoot the little fur ball!

How can a girl be so into reading all about fashion...

Design, make and wear this...

And then wear this???

Or this, for that matter?? I have to remake this tee so I can wear it to church...just the fact that I love this horrendously violent biker show AND Jesus at the same time, is an oxymoron....

My guilty pleasure....
I love reading about the rural life with my blogging friends Gail (At the Farm) and Nancy (A Rural Journal). I often long to wander in the dry grass and scrub oak back "home".

A good hike on the Sutter Buttes is exhilarating...

but a day at the art gallery would be just as nice...

I moved from the quiet serenity of the country to the urban jungles of Oakland at 19.  It was a very difficult transition...all that cement. And even though we now live in a peaceful suburban neighborhood, I love my bi-weekly excursions back to Berkeley to visit the FabricLady, aka Suzan at Stonemountain.

A Peet's cappuccino on Fourth Street just tastes better than any coffee shop in my neighborhood.

Last evening, we met some friends at a dive bar, and I had a couple of Corona's, some bacon cheesy fries and a couple of sliders.  It was a fun time with friends. Today, Dave and I are headed for the wine country for a release party at our favorite winery, and I will satisfy my urge to be Laura Ingalls in the country and Merry Edwards in the vineyard, while hobnobbing with all those wanna-be sophisticated winos...

I think I'll wear pearls...and my Duck Dynasty tee-shirt.

Laurel. Dave says "there's no one like you"...I love him for that!


  1. So glad you didn't SHOOT that dear little squirrel! Ditch the rifle!

  2. Windsong: It's a BB gun. Laurel, it won't hurt the squirrels. It will just surprise him and like a reverse of Pavlov's dogs the surprise of the BB will be associated with the figs.

    Thanks for the shout out. I did enjoy reading your post tremendously. It gave me an inside look of what makes you you.

    Yes, the tribute was to my man. I think it may be the only nice thing I have said but all know we joke a lot. One year for anniversary Hubby said, "All these years and I've never been bored." Thought that was the best compliment ever.

    Have a great day.

  3. If it won't hurt the squirrel - just to be sure - try it on a human first. I wonder why they outlawed BB guns in schools then! Of course,it hurts AND it can kill.

    1. ahh, sweetie...not to worry...I wouldn't hurt a fly, much less actually try to Kill something... Gails' right, the zing of the BB behind him is enough for me...

  4. Haven't gotten into Duck Dynasty yet but I know a lot of people who watch it.

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments about my mom's wedding on Stylemindchic! It is such a happy time. Enjoy the wine country. I lived in and near Napa for several years. I left the bay area to move to Chico to marry my man. Sometimes I miss the city life ;)
    Hope your trip was fab!
    xx, Heather

  6. I love our biweekly visits too! I can't wait until the end of the month!


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