Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Say Yes to the Dress!"

May 14, 2015 - You still have time to buy tickets:)
Every year since its inception, Women's Empowerment graduates are the special guests at the organization’s annual Gala. This event is the largest source of fund raising for the non-profit, with almost 100 graduates in attendance along with corporate sponsors and community donors.

For some women, it is a chance to be part of a festive evening that they might not otherwise experience. But more importantly, it is an evening to highlight their achievements and victories, both large and small, as they strive to make a better life for themselves and their children.

The preparation leading up to the Gala begins early in the year, as staff and volunteers begin collecting gowns and evening apparel from the community.  The huge storage area bustles with excitement as the event draws near, as each woman arrives at her appointed time to find the dress of her dreams.  To help her along the way, each woman has her own “personal shopper”, a volunteer from the community who helps her navigate the racks of gowns, hundreds of shoes, purses and pieces of jewelry.

All she has to do is “Say YES to the Dress”.

Not sure who had more fum...the ladies trying on the dresses, or the volunteers helping them...

The perfect shoes for the perfect dress???

So many purses, so little time...

When I showed her how beautiful the back was, she said "YES"!

The right necklace makes you feel special.

And the right earrings...

We loved how a dress was tried by multiple women before it found the right home...

She rockin' this dress!! It's a definite YES!

Mother and daughter and baby on the way!

You can't go to a Gala without showing off your "Bling"!

And just in case the women couldn't find the perfect bracelet or earrings, I held a two day "Bling Class" for the grads attending the Gala.  I brought all my beads from home and helped the ladies make their own jewelry for the event.  Many of them had never made any jewelry, but were thrilled with their results. As an added bonus, it gave us all a chance to visit, laugh and share while creating a memento of sorts from their evening at the Gala.

Couldn't have done better myself! I can't wait to see them all at the gala!

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