Friday, October 4, 2013

Planes, trains and the Desert

Airplanes don't have any issues taking off in high winds, so they say. what they don't say is you can't get out of your vehicle to do curbside checkin. Try negotiating several hundred pound suitcase against a 40mph wind. How bout finding a parking place in a dust storm in the economy lot when it appears that the entire free world has left town for the weekend? By the time you get to the gate, you're in desperate need of a Xanax and some start your vacation off right.

When is an SUV not an SUV??? Answer: when you rent through Kayak. According to the rental guy, they don't have the correct list of possible cars to rent, so instead of Ford Expedition, you get a smaller Highlander. Doesn't sound like a big deal unless you're traveling with four women who packed their kitchen sinks, their entire LancĂ´me skin treatment line and enough shoes to shod a third world country...and then some.

Third question: how many women does it take to navigate out of the Ontario airport and get to a BJs Restaurant in LA traffic? Evidently, at least one more. And never, never get in front of four women who are on a mission to find the nearest Trader Joes for condo snacks and Baileys...just saying.

And finally, are all TVs and alarm clocks in time share condos possessed? Nothing beats being woken from a sound sleep like a blaring TV telling about all the "marvelous benefits of owning a Marriott time share." Or a remote that doesn't seem to go with the TV. 

And that's just the first day!!! Think we're gonna need some serious retail therapy today.

Laurel. Living large in Palm Desert.


  1. Sounds like fun or maybe not:) So I did not see you in Ontario:) Can't wait to hear more. B

  2. Sounds like you're off on quite an adventure. Good for you. And planes can take off in fierce wind only if that wind is in their direction. Otherwise they have to change runways or wait for the wind to die down.

  3. Despite the xanax inducing situations it sounds like you're going to have a great time! Enjoy the retail therapy.


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