Friday, October 18, 2013

All Hairdressers are NOT Created Equal...

My hairdresser won't mind if I tell you about her...she's very special to me.  I've known her for years and might even have been her very first client.  She married young, like me, and when it didn't pan out the way she thought it would (sometimes it doesn't) she put herself through Federico College...she needed a career to support herself and her two small children. She thought she'd like to "do" hair.

It took a year of study, but she hung in there. Cosmetology license in hand, she embraced the salon life like she was born to do it. She steadily built her client base and they loved her. To this day, she has many clients that gave her a chance years ago, like me, and they still visit her for trims, colors and perms. There is always a listening ear and a kind word.

She is as fierce with the hair color tubes as she is gifted with the scissors. And since I was born with hair issues and countless bad hair cuts (many of them self inflicted), I am all the more grateful that she chose to "do" hair.

I love my rockin' hair, babe. 

Much love,

She was meant to do hair.

Laurel. It's a good hair day today!

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