Thursday, October 31, 2013

Colette deVil...

I'm not a big Halloween fan...never have been.  Maybe it hearkens back to the kids wanting me to make them a costume at 2:30 in the afternoon on October 30 for the next day. "Just be a hobo", I'd tell them.  Or a pirate...something easy that we could throw together. Truthfully, it's probably more about me not ever getting to go trick or treating...we lived in the country and it was five miles between any houses...sour grapes, probably.

Fast forward...I still don't get too excited about this day...until about 9:30 in the morning and all of a sudden I think of the kids and grand kids coming over for Trick or Treat. and how much they love this day.  And the race to make soup, cupcakes and decorate the courtyard is on!!!

Today, I decided that just because I don't dress up, doesn't mean that Colette can't. I wore a Cruella deVil outfit (I think it's Amy's) one year...she's so deliciously evil.

So.......... My mini-me "Colette deVil" is by the door waiting to give you candy!!! 
Drop by for some Corn chowder, a glass of wine and cupcakes! 

Leave your puppies home....MUUUAAAAAHH!!!!!!

Happy Halloween.  Be safe!



  1. I had a feeling Colette was into Halloween. I mean, not having a head makes this the perfect holiday for her. Take care and Happy Halloween.

  2. Oh I love it they are going to love it. B

  3. She is so deliciously frightening! We don't get any visitors where we live. I'm waiting for grandchildren.


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