Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cowgirl Up!

I'm not really a cowgirl, but I might have been one in a former life. As I thumbed through the pages of my latest "Cowboys and Indians" magazine, I felt a wash of covetousness creeping over me. I wanted everything in the magazine - furniture that would look great in our hacienda, boots that would make a rodeo queen drool, and skirts and dresses that are begging to be twirled around the dance floor to "Sweet Home Alabama".

Feeding my secret yearning to be a Texas girl at heart (after all, I married a Texas boy) are the photos of the jewelry.  Oh the jewelry! When we traveled to the Southwest last year, I splurged on a Rocki Gorman pendant and I have worn it to death - it goes with everything! There's just something about turquoise that makes my heart sing.

This month, there was a stunning necklace featured in this month's magazine - it was a simple set of long strands featuring the same colors of stones in my pendant, but also featuring lots and lots of $$$. all know me: "I could make that necklace myself!"

Katerina's Treasures is right down the street from my house and Rosie was featuring some bead strands of glass and natural stones that I knew would make a fabulous necklace, and I don't mind saying, would be at a fraction of the cost of a designer necklace. I am on a fixed income, you know.

I added some beads from my own stash to complete my necklace.

Why not make a bracelet or two...

Cowgirl Up, Colette!!!

Laurel. California Girl in need of new cowboy boots!


  1. Laurel, those are absolutely stunning!!! I'm drooling all over my keyboard....

  2. I think it was smart to limit your colors on the necklace holding the beautiful multi-colored pendant. The way you've done it the pendant remains the focal point. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks Stephen - you are always too kind!!

  3. Love those colors and they look amazing on you! Yes to new cowboy boots - you are so badass!!!

  4. Beautiful love the colours I am sure you look beautiful too. New boots sounds like fun:) B


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