Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Desert Shopping

I've never been to the famous Rodeo Drive to shop, but almost every "resort" town has a Rodeo Drive wannabe. El Paseo Drive in Palm desert is theirs.  It's still hot in this desert community near Palm Springs, but not so hot that we were deterred from wandering the length of the avenue on a Friday morning...(and back again on Saturday!)

Being a sewist and creative spirit, I rarely wander these types of upscale shops thinking I'm going to find a bargain. I just like to be inspired by the ambiance of the whole shopping experience and am happy just to walk away with a few good ideas.  

The desert did not disappoint...art on the sidewalks, palm trees lining the street, awesome designer shops...

Evidently, desert women would have loved the fashion jewelry that I made in my LaurelLeaves collections...

Beautiful Fall collections with every possible shade of Autumn leaves...

I love the fabrics that are used in designer clothing lines. When the sales ladies are looking the other way, watch me lift the hem so I can see the finishing techniques...

We actually contemplated some more reasonable fashion accessories.  Hey, you could buy a couple of yards of silk at Stonemountain and Daughter and make this yourself...

Lunch with friends...who can beat that?

Like I said, I go for the ideas, although I came dangerously close to forking over $278 for a yummy green Eileen Fischer sweater. 

When push comes to shove, why spend all that money when I can get great fabric and sew my own designs?

Stretch silk print top, silk noil crop pants...love Stonemountain!!

Don't forget to tune into Suzan at Fabriclady to see the fashion I'm creating for her.

Laurel. Back home on my own computer!! Yay!


  1. I think it remarkable that you can look at a garment in a store and be able to recreate it back home. What a talent!

  2. Laurel, I LOVE that outfit you're wearing in the silk...FABULOUS!!!


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