Monday, January 28, 2013

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Every year about this time, we start preparing for our annual SuperBowl Party.  We've been having people over for a number of years to watch the game and enjoy some great appetizers, followed up with Dave's Texas BBQ Brisket sandwiches at half time. It's a fun time of laughter, shouting and just being with friends and family.  We do watch the game, some with more rapt attention than others, but all are tuned in for the new commercials.

Our hacienda is not huge, so seating is at a premium around game time, so this year I thought I'd go ahead and get that counter level dining table for the kitchen that we have been wanting for quite some time. Why now? Because it comes with 6 bar stool type chairs...I can line them up behind the pool table to form what I'd like to refer to as the "Grand Tier" seats!

To coordinate with my new look, I made a new cover for the pool table...which for Superbowl Sunday becomes the "Buffet".  Everyone brings appetizers and side dishes to serve with the brisket sandwiches. I used this great Waverly print from Jo-ann's -- got it at 60% off!! I used a suede like fabric for the sides, to make it look like I had a table runner over a table cloth.

Now that I had the whole Southwest thing rockin', I decided to refinish the two bar stools that we use in the pool table area.  I checked out Mexican tiles on Google Images and got a general idea of what elements were prevalent on these tiles, then went to work.  I used plain old latex paints from the garage that I had hanging around and picked up a couple of missing colors from Lowe's.

Dave sanded the tops of these Cherry stained stools for me.  I used a soft off white for the base coat. As it dried, I noticed that the cherry stain seeped through the white paint. But that was okay with me - it would lend itself to a more rustic look.
Using the colors in the table runner and the pool table cover, I started to add my pattern - I just made up the design as I went along.
More pattern, more color...
I finished them off with two coats of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish.
Voila! Two more seats! I stopped by Sport's Authority to get my team tee shirt (decided that $100 was a bit much for an actual team jersey), and after moving the furniture around a bit, I'll be ready.
Laurel. Go Niners
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  1. It sounds like you've planned for an exceptional party; I hope your team wins.

  2. My uncle lives in San Francisco. He lost the bet so he has to do the Ray Lewis dance and put it on YouTube. He has yet to fulfill his side of the bet. I'll let you know when he does. Let's hope we're both in the Super Bowl again next year. I think if Jim Harbaugh loses again to his brother, he might blow a head gasket! I LOVE your stools!!!

    1. It was a disappointing loss....but some bad coaching choices changed a slam dunk for the 49ers in the last few minutes....oh well.


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