Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some good...some not so much...

I am trying to figure out how I get so busy.  When I was working, I used to wait longingly for the weekends to do all my crafty stuff, never getting to half of it and waking up Monday morning trying to figure out why I never got anything done.  Five years later the dilemma is still there. This morning I woke up sorting through my endless list of to-dos, have-tos, ought-tos and want-to-dos.

Among the list of neglected projects is blogging. I get so busy with other stuff, I postpone writing until I actually finish something. I have totally lost that "multi-tasking" mojo in the midst of all my half-finished projects, not-started projects, and the "%@# - canned" projects that went by the wayside.

When you take on too many things, some of them go well, some don't. This little dress went well.

 Little girls love lady bugs....

"Tinking" is the opposite of knitting.  It means that you basically screwed up your pattern somewhere and you have to rip it stitch at a time. I didn't like the way this sweater pattern was headed, so I put it on Colette and she agreed.  She hated it ("It makes me look fat, Laurel").  I'm not much of a "tink-er", so I just yanked the stitches off the needle...about 10 rows. I'd say this one didn't go so well.

After hand painting my two stools last month, I decided that this 30 year old end table with two little round nesting tables needed a face lift too.  I'm thinking this project get's a 9 on the 10 point scale.

Besides being guilty about neglecting my blog, I've also been carrying on a running argument with myself about my poor lonely art quilt hanging on the project wall.  I was going to try to finish it before the Super Bowl party, so I did clock some hours in January stitching away on several areas of the landscape.  The thing about an art quilt that you are thread painting, you can not rush the process.  It is painstakingly slow...stitching, changing threads, winding bobbins, breaking needles, designing as you go...etc. This project is a procrastinator's dream.

Like I need another project, I am having fabric withdrawal and need to get down to Stone Mountain and Daughters in Berkeley for some spring knits.  Colette needs some new tops.  But she will have to wait until I get back from Stitches West in Santa Clara....the Knitter's Mecca, I understand.  I can't wait to add more yummy yarn to my stash!!

Meanwhile, I brought back a little gift for Colette from my Mom's yesterday.  I knitted this cute little sweater for her last year, and yesterday she gave it back to me. According to my very wise mother, little wrinkled 88 year old arms should never see the light of day.  Sorry Mom...Ill have to make you something with long sleeves. Another project to start.

Yippee for me... if I can get it off Colette!

Laurel. Think I'll go shopping.


  1. Love the little lady bug dress. I can easily imagine a delighted little girl spinning around in it.

  2. Your Mom sounds funny. I love all your projects the dresses, the quilt the tables are awesome, oh you have so much talent. I can see why you never have time to blog. I would not either:) B

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love the red bug dress it is so cute.

    Your mum made me laugh!

    Hope that the weather is ok where you are and that it isn't too cold.

    Take care


    1. It's still frosting here in No. CA, Fiona. But 60 degrees is coming this week! ThX for visiting


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