Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing for a purpose...

Saturday was my third Dress a Girl Around the World SEWFEST at Bayside, and I am hooked - hooked on this ministry, hooked on the people who come to sew, hooked on creating these little dresses for girls everywhere! We learn a little more about this amazing organization each time we come and how it actually benefits young children in some of the worst countries in the world...places where women and little girls are routinely abused.

I hadn't really thought about the notion that when predators see a little girl in torn and dirty clothing, they assume that no one cares about her and thus she is a prime target for potential abuse. I, along with thousands of women around the country who care, want to change that.  And if a new little dress puts a smile on a girl and lifts her self image, then I am ALL IN!

I love the hearts of the ladies who come to the sewfests.  They love to sew, of course, but you can't help but feel like you are part of something special amidst the humming of machines, the laughter, the oohs and ahhs as women show their newest creations. I love is that you don't have to be an expert seamstress to join just have to care.  I love seeing young teenagers show up to help - they iron, assemble, organize and seem to have a ball doing it.

Yesterday, we had several "newbies" at the monthly sewfest. 
It was my pleasure to come alongside Teddy to guide her through the simple pattern.

She heard about the Dress a Girl sewfest through a knitting friend and headed right for the store to get a new sewing machine...just for this have to love that!
Teddy's first dress...I hate to sound all schmaltzy, but it gave me more joy just to watch her.
She may be blessing a little girl with her work, but I was so blessed by her joyful spirit .
My table mate Sue also helped a women who had come for the first time...
she was just learning to sew.
Our Bayside coordinator Sue spends a lot of time cutting,
sorting and generally getting the fabrics ready for the kit assembly.
There are piles and piles of little "soon to be dresses" in all stages of readiness. 
I volunteered to bring home a whole bin of fabrics to serge up the back seams,
before they are put in kits.
My homework...
I have added to my running total of dresses this month.
When I sew a dress I try to imagine what my own granddaughters might like to wear. 
The creativity that you are allowed in this simple dress pattern is limitless!
I had to add some red trim to this was starting to look like a
University of Michigan cheerleader outfit with all that bright blue and yellow!! 
I love making the tiny dresses....
Details, details...
Who DOESN'T like Mary Englebright???
I tell you sincerely, it makes my heart sing!
Laurel. Dressing Girls Around the World, one little dress at a time:)


  1. Such a great idea laurel! I wish we had that here in SD. I may have to do some investigating and get this rolling here! :)

    Tiffani C.

    1. Awesome. Look on the website and find the nearest DAG rep and give her an email and ask how you can get started!!! You will love it!!

  2. A wonderful thing you are doing.

  3. Such a JOYFUL way to begin the new year. Helping little girls feel special with a new dress is priceless. I adore this project. Teddy is a lovely spirit and her smile shines brightly. Blessings to all...

  4. Such a worthwhile project. You could be changing so many lives for the better.

  5. Oh I just LOVE this project it makes my heart swell and those are so pretty. Thank you Laurel for being who you are. B

  6. Ruby,
    This is a fabulous cause... I would love to bring my Meg and spend the day sewing with you... This project warms my heart and could not think of a better way to spend with my friend and at the same time, give back to little girls who so need these dresses. Please send my some information on the next Sewfest so that we can join you. Also, thanks for capturing Teddy... She is amazing! Love the smile and heart behind it all!!! Hugs to you both!

    1. Sapphire...I will let you know when it's normally the first Saturday but Sue hasn't set the exact date. As soon as I know, I wil;l let you and Meg know. It's so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I could only imagine!!! I am really looking forward to it.... Especially the part where we get to share some time together doing some pretty amazing things!!! I look forward to the date!! Xoxo

  8. I just set up a blogger account so it should be simpler to reply back to you now!! :-)


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