Friday, January 4, 2013

Technology Hell...

A test for you...

Which is more frustrating: a malfunctioning software or "chatting" with the technology support call center to fix it? I can't decide which has tried my patience more in the last week: Photoshop Elements 11 or the Adobe Call Center. I downloaded a trial version of this software that I have been using for years. I tried it out over a period of 30 days then decided to purchase it and download the "real" version online.

I should mention that I have used Photoshop Elements since PSE3.  It doesn't do every thing the giant Photo$hop does, but on the whole, I have been satisfied.  I can also say that I'm not a novice with the computer or this software.  So when it won't download my photos into the Organizer from either my camera or my iPhone after working perfectly in the trial version, Laurel is a tiny bit frustrated.

You can never actually talk to a human being when you have a technology problem.  Or you can wait for an hour just to connect to a breather in Outer Ubeckastan. The "CHAT NOW WITH A TECHNICIAN" feature available from all the software giants always seems like a viable alternative. However, your last raw nerve left from the harrowing "I can fix this problem myself" marathon is summarily smashed when you start chatting with the online Help Center.

I would like to be the person who invented the communication program that these representatives use.  There must be a whole keyboard of F1, F2 and so on buttons that instantaneously deliver such helpful phrases as:

Thank you for waiting.
I am still checking on this. Please be online.
Larel, as you are being able to import the files when moved to the desktop, the software is working fine as expected

Is he kidding??? And my very favorite (after an hour and half "chat" AND they have NOT fixed your problem):

Is there anything else I can help you with?

After that last catchy question, they slam the door on the chat. Left to my own devices, I have monkeyed around with my phone, my camera, the software...I've uninstalled, re-installed, poked and prodded, etc. and was finally able to get the Photo Downloader in PSE11 to recognize my camera, but it only downloaded the photos from my iPhone after about an hour of waiting. Now I ask you...would you be happy with this product? But then again, I must be too picky because "the software is working fine as expected".

Oh much for this rant!! I'll post a pretty photo now...

Oh, but wait...It seems that my Blogger software has decided NOT to let me upload a photo directly from my computer...where did the "Browse" button disappear to?  I have to bring it in from "My Picasa Web Album?" Good grief. 

Laurel. Just shoot me.


  1. Yippee... I looked on the internet and found that the Blogger issue is known and they are working on a fix...we'll see.

  2. Oh Laurel technology when it works is great when it does not well you know:) B

  3. You've reinforced my decision to leave Blogger and go elsewhere. I now have a small monthly service fee but when things go wrong or don't work I can call a local person and get help, a small price to pay for a non computer person like me.


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