Sunday, June 3, 2012

You are what you eat

Magpie Tales

Mag #120

image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes

Farm to market to table
picked fresh daily
grown locally
certified organic
 no pesticides
hand picked
fiber rich
no preservatives
minimum daily requirements
chalked full of vitamins
flavor rich

Eat your vegetables
An apple a day
Those are good for you
Clean your plate

You are what you eat.

How appropriate for my first post back from our road trip.  Trust me, we did NOT eat as we should. We had great food too...trendy restaurants that featured wonderful, exquisitely prepared dishes. But too often we joined the countless Americans all across the Southwest chowing down on hamburgers, fries and all manner of fast foods.  We are a fat nation of "free continental breakfast" eaters who know exactly how to operate the waffle machine and spoon the fake gravy over our biscuits. Over sized tee shirts hiding paunchy stomachs...spandex stretched over fat butts...more muffin tops in the buffet line than on the table.  We saw it all. And we renewed our resolve.

I went to the Saturday Market yesterday.  I stopped by the strawberry patch. I bought some lean pork tenderloin at the grocery store. I passed the Starbucks without stopping.

Happy Sunday to all my Magpie friends.  So great to be back!

Laurel. I love you guys!!!


  1. "you are what you eat" he certainly is!! LOL so cute

    fruit essence facial mask

  2. Nice…I like to buy locally as I can, we have a farmers market but we have to be there on Saturday because that is the only day…so takes a bit of planning…there is a coop though that is a subscription service and you get a box each week of whatever is fresh which then makes it fun to figure out what you will make

  3. If only we can and eat these organic stuff, we will all be healthy ~

    Happy Sunday to you ~

  4. Yes, that is surely the way to do it...even though I poked fun at it a little in my piece. And, this picture is perfect for the expression "you are what you eat!"

  5. Hey- we all "misbehave" on vacations- We are what we eat and I like this poem!!

  6. I am glad you were able to pass by some of the sweet stuff-
    I don't mean to be rude but I believe you meant 'Chock' full
    didn't you ?

  7. I read your poem and ate an apple today. Thank you for the healthy tip. Eating apples requires consumers to make sure they are organic. I just learned today that potatoes from PEI have 24 hits of pesticides through out their growing season. Potatoes were way down the list for receiving pesticides. Celery and apples were at the top. A great poem Laurel. Thanks for sharing. =D

  8. Kind of a scary thought...!


  9. Your poem has made me feel more health-conscious today, in a good way. :)
    I've made myself a lunch of homemade hummus and pita bread.
    There's nothing like fresh fruit and veggies from a farmer's stand. :)

  10. What a wonderful affirmation. I agree that society has overgrown. Glad you enjoyed the trip, though. A splurge every once in awhile is nice.

  11. We both have the same title!....But yours is more sinsible.....glad you enjoyed your trip! :-)

  12. Absolutely!! Such a good reminder!

  13. Oh no, I'll be melting fast then! I just had two COLD! fruit bars! Ha! Ha! Great read!

  14. Such a coincidence an sbs doco this week exploring how food itself has shaped the evolutionary path of humans. No doubt the plants are vastly older and possibly far more intelligent than we have hitherto imagined, hmmmm, thanks

  15. A wonderful reminder of what we really should be eating...bkm


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