Monday, January 30, 2012

A Passion for Shoes

Do they look weird to you?
My mother once told me I had "weird" feet from birth.  I wasn't sure what that meant, as I always thought my feet were relatively normal. Weird evidently means that I was born pigeon-toed and the solution in those days was to equip my little toddler feet with ugly brown lace-up shoes with a steel bar connecting them, the theory being that my feet would eventually turn outward.  I wore this torturous device for quite some time.

What can be sexier than red shoes?  I still
don't know why Chris didn't buy them...
I guess I've repressed those memories, but in a way, perhaps it fostered a deep love of pretty shoes and the desire to possess them. 

My husband's favorite saying to our grandchildren is "Shoes are bad", so all manner of little sneakers and sandals can be found at every door. As much as I like going barefoot, I love shoes.  Unfortunately, my "weird" feet gave out on me during my corporate days of high strappy heels and pointy toed pumps, so my tootsies have a hard time finding comfortable shoes today that don't look like I am about to trek up Mount Whitney.

When you're a junior in high school, you can where anything...My granddaughter and i wear the same size, BUT......
Granddaughter shoes...
Some of my favorite shoes I've saved, but they still hurt my feet....I remember them pinching my toes as I walked through the garden to meet my beloved...
My wedding Shoes...circa 1984

Backless shoes are the best for weird feet these days....

Can't figure out where the heck I could wear these little jewels or why I bought them...

My collection of tiny little shoes...
Just the Right Shoe
I would so buy this shoe..if it were just larger than my fingers...

Nordstrom find....sexiest shoe in America

And of course, my all time favorite shoes are just one step away from being barefoot...flip flops! I must have a dozen pairs.

Notice that I didn't take any pics of my ugly, comfortable know, the ones that you can walk all over Europe in. Okay, I will admit that though the Naots, Romikas and Easy Spirits are the best fit for my weird aging feet, but I just can't abandon the hunt for the perfect, sexy and yet comfortable strappy 4" high-heeled evening shoe.  And of course, being able to walk more than two or three steps would be a bonus.
Is that an oxymoron??


  1. Thanks for visiting Spiral. Yes, that's our house -- we're high in the mountains above Los Angeles.
    Heehee -- what a shoe collection! I have Reeboks and snow boots :)

  2. Oh, I really like the green ones and the beaded ones!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!


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