Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Paula

Dear Ms. Deen,

I was so dismayed to learn that you have had adult-onset diabetes.  I have enjoyed your good recipes and funky Southern style for years.  I even attempted to come see you on a visit to Sacramento to obtain your autograph on a picture of me and my "Yam Balls", but unfortunately showed up at the wrong location.  My disappointment was overwhelming.

Despite the colossal failure of the Yam Balls, I remained a fan.  Your grilled corn smothered in mayonnaise was a little more successful and quite tasty.  And who can argue that Bread Pudding made with Krispy Creme donuts wouldn't just blow your socks off?  To this day, my favorite side dish remains Corn Pudding...that buttery baked corn bread made with creamed corn, sour cream and Jiffy Corn Bread mix, and of course, butter. Yummy.

Recently we all learned through the media about the health challenge you have kept hidden for several years, and like many Americans who cringed at the gobs and gobs of butter that you throw into your dishes, I too use to wonder how all that fat might contribute to your overall health condition.  So ask anyone...they all think your high fat cooking has led to this predictable outcome.

However, I beg to differ with all the arm-chair experts.  Natural animal fat (butter) does not make you unable to process the sugar in your bloodstream (diabetes)..SUGAR DOES.  Gobs and gobs of sticky sugar, whether pure cane, raw, brown, or hidden modified fructose in your diet is very, very bad on your insulin levels.  Even processed and low fat foods contain hidden sugar.  White flour, white rice, pasta and starchy vegetables MAKE SUGAR while they are being digested. Hel-lo! And after years of mashed potatoes, fritters, cakes, pies, and donuts, Paula, your poor little pancreas screamed uncle -  "I CAN'T MAKE ENOUGH INSULIN TO BEAT ALL THAT SUGAR!"

So don't listen to the butter-bashers, honey.  You keep that nice animal fat in your diet...and in your own words "everything in moderation".  But you may want to start adding some vegetables and whole grains.  And for God's sake, ditch the sugar.  Best Dishes!



  1. I love this Auntie! I love the pic of you and your Yam Balls. And now I have a new thing to say when I am frustrated in the kitchen. Oh Yam Balls!


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