Friday, January 20, 2012

Callers beware...

Okay, I admit it. I am terrible about talking on the phone.  I am not a gabber, I rarely spend time just chatting about stuff..unless it's my mother. I had this old friend who every time I sat down to dinner, I swear she could see through the telephone wires.  The phone would ring and she was ready to chat. This was prior to e-mail and texting, and despite the fact that I love the new techie ways of communicating, I am confident that just as many people hate those. And those are the ones who love the social network of the old fashion home phone.

So does it surprise you that I forget to check the messages on the stodgy old wire-line phone in the computer room?  It shouldn't.  However that's not the point.  When we don't check our old message  machine (not everyone has your cell phone number, dummy) we tend to miss out on important things and reminders, appointments, etc.

So it's Friday, and the Chairman of the American Heart Association's annual Heart Ball had called several weeks ago and left a message.  And getting no response, I'm she's wondering if I am just another one of those "artistic" flakes.  She calls again yesterday to cheerfully ask when I would be delivering my necklace for the silent auction.

There you have it. Didn't get the first message ( Dave swears he told me), so the necklace is not exactly finished.  In fact, it's non-existent. And since they are starting to count on my donation ( this will be my third year) I cheerfully reply back that I was just working on it this morning...which is sorta true, as I was starting a revamp of a piece I made a year ago.

It won't take me long to finish it, unless of course I get waylaid by a texting frenzy with 5 friends at once, blogging, posting on Facebook, or checking my email on my Nook, or surfing the Internet for recipes...or talking to my Mom on the phone.

But hey, do call me on my cell phone...I do answer it and I'd love to chat:)

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