Saturday, January 28, 2012

Animal Lover?

I grew up on a ranch in the country.  It wasn't a real ranch, in the sense that it was my family's livelihood, but over the years we had a lot of animals: cows, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs and cats.  Animals on the ranch were never "pets", even the dogs and cats. Cows gave milk, chicken laid eggs and eventually ended up in the frying pan,  horses packed hunted deer out of the canyon, sheep provided leg of lamb dinners, cats kept the mice population down and dogs barked and scared away the strangers. Everything had a purpose.

As a child, there was a dark side to living with the ranch animals.  Every horse I ever tried to ride drug me under a low hanging limb or dumped me in a blackberry bush.  We had a goose that would chase me around the yard trying to bite me. Ducks only poop on cement for some reason and a great game of tag on the lawn was ruined by the dog's little presents (you don't pick up dog poop on the ranch). Coyotes and wild dog packs chase down your cows and sheep.  Animals are eaten. Animals die.

Miss Bella
Me and Murray, Stevie's "brother".
In Germany, it's a law that you have
to walk your dog every four hours...

So it is no wonder that I am not particularly enamored with animals, much less having them as pets.  Even though I do have a cat whom I love, Miss Bella, I don't particularly like sharing my living space with animals.

We took care of my mother-in-law's poodle Stevie for a brief period after she passed away. For some odd reason dogs seem to sense when you don't like them, and that just makes them try harder to change your mind. Stevie was attached to me...maybe because I rescued him out of the fishpond twice. But I eventually sent him back to Texas to live with my hubby's sister.

In Germany...stunning duck that poops on cement walk.
Despite what seems to be my natural aversion to my four legged friends, there must be some snippet of admiration and awe, as I seem to love photographing them. There is just something extraordinarily beautiful about a quarter horse, for instance. (Just go check out Strom Ranch to see these beauties )

Zoo animals are often captivating to watch. And certain dogs are just plain adorable.
Urban farm animal in Seattle
Mean goats...but cute

Capturing the essence and personality of an animal with a camera must appeal to me, because I seem to have some great shots of my furred and feathered friends.

In Cambria
If I had a dog, it would be like Roxie:)
  And they make me, me thinkest I protesteth too much:)


  1. What great photos! I love the one of the kitty gazing out the cute. I'm an animal lover, cats especially. I think it's because they don't talk back and offer unconditional love :)

  2. Thanks Tricia. Cats are indeed my favorite too, hence Miss Bella.


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