Friday, March 16, 2012

What bird? What are you talking about?

You have seen my cat before. 

Miss Bella is rather common looking and has a typical cat-like personality.

She kneads the down comforter on my bed just when I am trying to go back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. 

She body-blows herself into my ankles on the way to her morning breakfast. 

She sleeps on the floor registers in the winter, blocking the flow of heat into the room. She sprawls out on the carpet like a cheap date right in the the path of travel and she attacks my legs as I pass by.  But I'm thinking she's a pretty normal cat.

Despite her intrinsic cuteness, I have discovered that Miss Bella has a dark side. Whether her recent behavior is normal cat behavior is irrelevant, so don't tell me that - I just know it changed my view of her.  No longer is she my adorable little feline Princess who just saunters around the house acting like she owns the joint. She's a natural born killer.

This is the floor of my guest room after her spree.  Don't ask me how she actually caught it, and don't ask me why she chose to bring it into the house.  It was apparant that the little chirper put up quite a fight, judging from the swath of feathers over the entire floor. Cat fanciers know the answers to these questions...I was just blown away.  It's not like I didn't grow up on the farm where I witnessed all manner of animal behavior, much of it very disturbing to a young child.  But my Bella? A homocidal carnivore? Say it isn't so!

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of her malaise was that it appeared that she ate it - bones, guts, feet - the whole thing!  I couldn't get the mental picture out of my head for days.  I waited for the ripe smell of death to come wafting from my guestroom, but alas, she was tidy, as every Princess should be. There was no carcass laying under the bed or any where else in the house that I could find...just this tiny wing remained.  She must have gotten full and couldn't polish it off.

Later that day after her "meal", I found her sitting outside on the pool deck, licking herself and surveying the yard...staking out her next kill, I guess. Rambo Kitty.

Laurel. Cat lover?


  1. Our kitty liked to bring us presents of dead birds but she was too fat to catch them herself. But she was great at finding birds that were already dead. May that's what your Princess did.

    1. The cat I have now is from the humane society and she was declawed by her previous owner so she is in inside cat only. She does like to sit on the window sill and watch birds but she is not all hyper about them like cats I had in the past. She watches the birds and critters from her perch like people watch TV.

  2. Oh, poor you, to see such an atrocity in you own house. But such is Mother Nature's design, I guess.

    We had a cat in the US that brought me dead chipmunks and put them right in front of the French doors of my office as some sort of offering. Those poor little fun chipmunks. I loved them and hated to see them dead and mangled, but didn't know what to do about it. The cat wouldn't eat them, though.

  3. Yes, Karen..I thought they just "played" with them (another words for sucking them to death!)and left the evidence laying around. Thanks for stopping by.


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