Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shops I Adore - Part 2

There are days when I like to take a break from creating, volunteering and house cleaning and the myriad of other things that occupy my retired life.  When I need a "pretty" fix I go shopping.  I don't usually go to buy anything (I AM on a fixed income, LOL!), I just like to get out and about to see what I can find....sort of an inspiration search.  My ritual usually includes driving to some area where I know there's a coffee shop nearby, maybe an art gallery and hopefully a small boutique or two.

This week I ended up at Pavillions in East Sacramento where Bella Bru Cafe serves the most delicious cappuccino.  It was a gloriously sunny day. After hitting the usual haunts, I happened upon a little mecca for stampers and other paper enthusiasts.  I love paper, note cards, writing instruments and all things connected to paper, even though I have given up on the fine art of hand written letters and note cards. But this shop makes me want to get out the rubber stamps and send someone I love a note or two.

The Paper Garden...overflowing with all things paper,
but especially for the Stampers and Scrapbookers.

I love a shop with a nice friendly atmosphere where browsing is encouraged. 
And there is so much to see and enjoy!

Beautiful papers...I wanted one of each...and they have card stock in so many colors.

Japanese Washi papers...aah, to give a gift wrapped in this:)

The selection of paper punches is huge...are these not adorable?

Hundreds and hundreds of rubber stamps and inks...

A substantial selection of the cutest ribbons and other embellishments!

Nosh on some candy from the front counter.

Naturally, The Paper Garden also has adorable gifts too!

The Paper Garden boutique is a joy to visit and very inspiring for the creative at heart.  And like all things creative, I can see how one would immediately want to start a "stash" of paper, stamps, inks, and punches.  You can sign up for classes as well.

If you can't make it to their shop, at least check out their blog. Like I say, I adore this shop! Maybe I'll start stamping again or drag out that half finished scrap book...

Laurel.  Send a pretty note to someone you love!

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