Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cab for the Cure....

My daughter-in-law is a staunch supporter and fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. It started with her participation in the annual 5K walk for Susan G. Komen in May.  Rather than continuing to participate on other teams that she had no real connection with, she decided to form her own team and recruit walkers and supporters for the annual event. She has a knack for fundraising, and soon her team (5309 Park Patrol) rose to one of the larger team contributors at the individual level for the Sacramento region, largely because of her innovative fundraising ideas.

This May, the Park Patrol will be hosting the 3rd Annual Cab for the Cure event in the El Dorado wine country, here in the Gold Country foothills of California. Seven wineries in the region will be participating by agreeing to donate a percentage of wine sales for the day.  Event participators buy a special t-shirt and visit the various wineries, hopefully making a few purchases. It's a fun event that includes wine tasting and a BBQ at the end of the day.

This year, I thought it might be fun to make some wine charms to sell at the wineries the day of the event. Holly and I spent the day today beading and wire wrapping these little gems:

Simple to make:  A little pink wire, some "Komen pink" beads, a few
 purple beads wired with olive green wire for the grape bunches...and voila!

Who wouldn't want one of these for, say, a $3.00 donation to a worthy cause? 

It was a great day with my daughter-in-law!  Best wishes for a successful fundraiser, Holly!

Laurel, with sore fingers


  1. Oh my goodness Laurel these are AMAZE! so are you! love ya!

  2. These hand beaded wine charms will be the perfect touch for a successful fundraiser. Blessings...

  3. Those are so fabulous!! Are you selling them online??


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