Monday, March 12, 2012

Shops I Adore...Part 1

I'm not a total shopaholic, but one of my favorite de-stressers is to spend time in small shops that are filled with pretty things that stimulate my creative juices or just feed my soul.  So this post plays homage to that pastime...the first of many, hopefully.

I took my Amy out to lunch last week for her birthday.  We wanted to go someplace special so I made reservations for High-Hand Conservatory in Loomis.  It's an old fruit packing shed that has been converted to a unique collection of small shops, along with a full scale nursery and restaurant.  The restaurant is in a tree-filled glass conservatory - an ambiance perfect for a Spring lunch.

Ricotta Quesadillas...Mmmmmm.
 The nursery features a stunning Japanese Maple collection, gorgeous pottery and many unique plants.  You can just stroll along gravel paths to music floating through the air.
The selection of succulents in unique "pots" caught our attention.

Inside the huge packing shed, there are several small shopkeepers who feature everything
from pottery to oriental rugs to candles and gifts.  

These pretties have little seed strips for planting. Totally cute!

There is also a cooperative gallery and a shop where I learned Nuno felting on silk. The Tin Thimble is unique shop with gorgeous applications of this time honored felting technique
and...yippee...they offer classes. They have a stunning collection of wool yarns and soft silk fabric.

My favorite shop in this mini-complex is The Vintage Bricoleur.  It's a small shabby-chic type store loaded with the most amazing, creative treasures, many of them hand made by artists and
lovers of all thing vintage.  We learned that the owners are totally into blogging,
so they were not surprised that I wanted to feature their shop in my blog.

Oh, the ambiance and warmth of this shop:)

Bride's bouquet

They have a class to learn how to make these...I'm signing up!

And a class for this...I have loads of antique sheet music...gotta do this class too!
The Vintage Bricoleur is a must see shop in our area. Go to High-Hand, have some lunch and stop by.  Visit their blog to see all the class options and happenings.

Laurel. Happy Shopping!


  1. Laurel, Thanks for sharing our shop in your blog post! I shared it on our business Facebook page. Terry

    1. My pleasure, really! I'm serious about taking that flower class....

  2. I was going to say something snarky but that's just because I don't think any of these shops are focused on my male interests, but I decided against it. Besides, Terry looks like such a nice person.

    1. If i'd known, I coulda looked for a mustache cup....:)

  3. The restaurant sounds amazing and the shops look really lovely!
    Looking forward to more shop posts.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alisa. One of the bad things about this crummy economy is that a lot of the little shops's hard to find owners who have survived. Laurel

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! Food and fun :)

    1. It was so nice, but spending time with your daughter is always the best. Thanks!, Laurel

  5. A real assault on the senses, these. Succulent stuff!

  6. Hi Laurel: Amazing that you visited my blog and commented and followed. I live in CA and I have been to this wonderful High Hand venue which is my favorite place. I must revisit to see The Vintage Bricoluer as I don't think it was there last year. I adore the Tin Thimble and have helped their economy of staying in business. I like what I see here on your blog and shall visit often. Blissful Inspirations...

  7. Thanks for visiting and following. I really want to take that class on the silk's a very cute store. Laurel


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