Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sunset...a poem

Most of the things that I like to do, besides creating stuff, are centered around enjoying the beauty of God's creation. I love sunsets - I snapped this one on the island of Kauai back in 2004...spectacular isn't it?

Back in 2001, I was sitting outside on my front steps one evening, sipping a glass of wine waiting for my hubby to get home from work.  And as I sat there, the crickets starting chirping and I could here the bullfrogs starting their night music in the creek across the road. The sun began to set in the west, and as I watched the sky change into so many colors I became "moved".  This poem began to take form in my mind and I had to go write it down that very evening.

The Sunset

Did you see His handiwork?
Were you humbled by the sight
Of reds and pinks in powder puffs
Across the deep blue night?

Did you think of Him as you watched
The colors fade to gray?
A sunset fit for angels,
Tell me, did you pray?

Did you thank Him for the day,
And how you felt so small
Viewing such a work of art;
His hand was in it all.

How can a God so powerful
Create desire, oh why,
To bow before His awesome throne
Because I viewed His sky?

Laurel Dismukes


  1. Beautiful poem. As a painter I've long marveled at God's handiwork--his masterpiece--nature.

    1. Thank you Stephen...ditto!!! Hard to capture on film and on canvas...

  2. Loved them both -picture and poem!

    1. Thank you OPD...don't you just wish you were there right now??!! I do! Laurel

  3. And some will view that and say 'it was just nature.' cannot believe it to be accidental. Beautiful

    1. Don't you just wonder how they can think that way???!!! It's NEVER "just nature":) Thank you so much, Mark. Laurel

  4. i am often marvelled at the beauty of creation around me and all the little fingerprints that remind me we are not alone...

    1. Amen, Brother...we are not!!! Thanks so much. Laurel

  5. This is one of the loveliest poems I've read in a while.

    You seem like such an appreciateive person, Laurel. Thanks for sharing that sunset and the words it inspired in you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jannie. You made me smile. Laurel


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