Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

When you sew for a child, especially a young girl, you have to expect that the pretty little outfit that you painstakingly put together is probably going to get dirty. That's what Tide is for, right? I remember when I made cute little pinafores and ruffled dressed for my daughter, especially at Easter time, half the fun was picking out the pastel fabric, trims, buttons and lace. As I sewed the seams, I wasn't thinking about climbing trees, turning somersaults on the lawn, or crawling under a bush to retrieve the last chocolate egg.

When I sewed a pretty dress, I never thought of torn pockets, ripped seams or grass stains.  I designed it and put it together as if she were a princess who perched regally on her tiny pink throne with her pet cat and sipped imaginary tea from a tiny china cup. Reality? Not so much.

Despite knowing the reality of childish exuberance, it doesn't seem to hamper the creativeness of the women who come to sew every month for the little girls of impoverished countries via Dress a Girl Around the World.  Saturday was our regular sew fest at Bayside Church, and even though our crowd was light due to the Easter Break, we had a great time creating our signature "pillowcase" dresses - girlish "fru-fru" was alive and well!!

The hum of machines...

Thanks to donations, we were able to get and abundance of colorful bias tapes!

And pretty new panties - one pair for each new dress - folded and put into the pockets of the dress.

A lot of attention is spent on the pockets of each dress.

My watermelon dress...

We love to see "newbies" at our sew fests. 
Completing your first dress is quite an accomplishment!

Choosing fabrics and trims are the ways we seamstresses express ourselves.  
Who doesn't like polka-dots?

  Even if you don't sew, there's plenty to do at a sew fest - ironing casings, cutting bias tape and elastic, matching pockets, etc.

As an aside, my granddaughter finished her second sewing project last week. This adorable little knit top required bias tape facings...tricky, but she powered right through them! I think she is definitely ready for spending a morning with Grandma at the next Dress a Girl sew fest!!!

Visit Dress a Girl Around the World at

Laurel.  Make a difference in the life of one little girl!


  1. What a wonderful blog posting about DAG... thanks sew much!! I am the Washington State Rep

    1. Thanks Suzanne so much for visiting my blog - I love to show the infinite possibilites of making these dresses. I have been blessed to find this ministry!!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the detail on the dresses and the wonderful pockets.Not to mention your great rainbow of bias tapes! They all look so durable too so they will stand up to the river washings. What a blessing these dresses will be to the little girls. I am the Tucson/So AZ Rep. for DAG.

    1. Carol, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love to sew and this ministry has touched my heart. Laurel


Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate all those who share and leave their comments very much. Laurel

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