Monday, March 4, 2013

Flowers and Friends...

Not too many places in the world can boast having as many camellia plants than Sacramento, California.  In fact, it is dubbed the Camellia City.  Each year the local flower guild hosts a show and competition to the local lovers and growers of all thing "camellia."

Sunday was a glorious Spring Day, so why not go see the annual show, and dream about growing gorgeous blooms such as those exhibited by Sacramento's flower aficionados?

The blooms were stunning, even though many of them probably looked prettier on Friday.

 I personally preferred looking at the unusual and artsy floral arrangements. I love flowers and I love having them in my home.  I have decided (especially after seeing this arrangement) that I need to be more purposeful about keeping a bouquet in my home regularly. 

After the show, we spent some time with our friends in their back yard in the sunshine, sharing a nice glass of cool Fume Blanc.  Our friends' mid century style home boasts half a dozen camellia bushes that are upwards of 40 years old.  The bushes tower over the yard and were covered in beautiful blooms.  Their flowers rivaled any that we saw at the flower show.

I love photographing flowers!

And the sweetest flower in the friend Micki.

Laurel. Flowers make your day, just like friends!

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  1. Beautiful flowers. I'm so ready for spring and a little activity in my garden.

  2. nice, we have 4 camellia's and they are so pretty, though not as pretty as Micki. Thanks for sharing

  3. Micki looks as beautiful as the flowers. You are really good at capturing the essence of floral beauty. B

  4. Beautiful flowers!
    So happy that you found me via A Rosy Note...she's one of my fav. bloggers and photographers!
    I'm excited to hear that you are interested in rescue too. Have you heard about the Exodus Road? Of course, there are lots of great ministries involved in rescue.
    God bless you in all your endeavors!

  5. Good Morning and Greetings from Ireland

    I just wanted to pop by and wish you
    a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    May you always have
    Walls for the winds,
    A roof for the rain,
    Tea beside the fire,
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all your heart might desire!



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