Monday, March 25, 2013

Colette earns her keep...

Purchasing a dress form may seem like an extravagance if you don't sew like a professional dress designer.  To get a good quality form you will be emptying your wallet to say the least. Hence, some might say that you need to sew "a lot" to make it worth the price tag.

Even though I consider myself to be a pretty dedicated seamstress, I have to admit that Colette languishes in the corner way too much.  I keep her outfitted at all times...she is after all, my mini-me and I don't even like to see myself in the buff, much less look at her lumps and bulges.  When she's not working, she does make a great giant Barbie that I can dress with sweaters, shawls and scarves.

But when Colette is needed, I can not deny how important she is to creating a great fit, whether I'm sewing a garment or knitting a sweater.  Just this morning, I pinned a knitted lace tunic front to her form, just to make sure it was going to fit me.

This is what owning a good dress form is all about. I was at the armhole stage of the top and needed to ensure that the top was going to fit over Colette's chest and still fit properly at the shoulders.

By fitting it on Colette, I could see that how many more stitches I would have to decrease around the armholes. And I was able to see how many more rows I could knit before I started creating the neckline. 

I probably will be deviating from the pattern to ensure that the "scoop" neckline comes to the most flattering place on my chest. 
I say about 16 more rows before I start the neck.

Colette's completed tunic will need a pretty cami underneath - 
I love the way this lace pattern has turned out, but I sure don't want to see my underbelly through it.

This Louisa Harding Merletto yarn is a royal pain to knit - it splits.  But I have to admit, the finished product might be worth the effort. And because it has linen fiber in it, it should drape (hang) well.

One more panel, two short sleeves and it will be ready for the Red Carpet...
okay, maybe the Mall.

Laurel. I love you, Colette.

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  1. Oh Colette is a lucky lucky dummy:) It is truly beautiful.Love the pattern and the colour. My daughter has about six dress dummies (fashion designer) four of which are here. One named Marilyn is on wrought iron stand built in the thirties named Marilyn because of her shape not like the models today. I love her. B

  2. Your tunic is gorgeous! I was recently pining for a dress dummy of my own. To use to fit my sewing projects, but also--and mostly--to model my necklaces in progress...


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