Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pacing myself...

Just like New Year's resolutions, I hate committing myself to a year long "goal" that I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to honor.  When the local knitting guild announced in January that we were all to commit to some year long project, I can admit that I was less than enthused.  We were to dream up this project idea (and commitment) right away.  At each subsequent monthly meeting we would all "Show and Tell" our progress on our project. Yay!

Just listening to this grandiose plan, I started sweating and squirming in my seat. We were already a couple of weeks into January, so I am NOW behind on any commitment that I might make to this year long project. That annoying little man with the pitchfork that sits on my right shoulder lets out a quiet but evil laugh.  He knows I'm not good at finishing squat - I start well, but I get bogged down and downright bored if I know I HAVE TO complete something under duress. I leave the meeting uncommitted and depressed.

Knitting requires finishing, Laurel. Especially if you want to wear it.

I ponder the whole year-long debacle for a few more days and decide that perhaps I can just commit to FINISHING. Something. Anything.  I look through my stash of unfinished projects. The hubby passes by while I am sorting through the multitude of zip-lock bags filled with all manner of pretty yarns on needles.

"How many projects do you have going, honey?" he asks innocently.

"Maybe 3 or 4", I venture, kicking several zip-lock bags under the couch as he approaches the carnage.

You know what they say about addiction disorders, Laurel...when you start lying??

Not wishing to betray the knitting world and other addicts out there, I won't fess up how many UFOs I counted.  Suffice it to say the number would satisfy the year-long project commitment of the Guild.

You can do this, Laurel...just pace yourself. Don't get all up's not like they're keeping a hit list for knitters who fail to honor their commitment or that the gates of Knitter's Heaven will be locked for you...

So, here we's January's FINISHED project - this cowl was on the needles for a couple of weeks, but I've had this lovely beaded Art yarn for months.
And here is February's FINISHED project - a cozy wool cowl that is patterned after a Gap scarf.

So as not to get bored FINISHING, I made this little scarf pin for the heck of it. One must have several irons in the fire at all times.

And finally, just so you don't get to thinking that I'm on a roll FINISHING, I started another sweater (I have three of them already in the UFO zip-locks that I kicked under the couch - oopsy!).

Maybe I will FINISH it by December....

Laurel. Pacing myself.


  1. My goodness your finished projects are beautiful.

    Love them all.

    Well done to you.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope that March will be a good month for you.

    Looking forward to the next project!

    x Fiona

  2. Beautiful artistry. I always look forward to what you'll come up with next.

  3. Thank you for writing this post. I was amused while reading it. I almost thought you were writing about Mr. C and I. Your finishes are amazing and beautiful. My Grandma always had lots of projects in the works at all times so as not to get complacent. There was the knitting and the crocheting and the sewing and the cooking and the canning and the crafty things too. Maybe I am more like my Grandma every day and I am happy with that. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


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