Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blind Date

My first poem in a long the photo prompts from Tess at

Magpie Tales

The Mag #155

artwork by Joseph Lorusso

Blind Date

the photo was old
perhaps before kids
her profile was honest
yet some things she hid;
the booth was sticky
the waitress crisp
"I'll just have water"
she tugged on a wisp;
long minutes ticking
sweat penetrating blush
will he show? she stewed
I hope I don't gush;
no jacket or hat
no briefcase or phone
just him and his smile
just him alone;
unnoticed hours
glances and touch
without reservation
a kiss for lunch.
 Shared today at Magpie Tales

Laurel. How did you meet???


  1. Now that's some blind date! Good to see you...

  2. Wonderfully crafted although I've never had a blind date that turned out this well.

  3. Just him all alone, and oh that sweet taste of his lips...nice poem!

  4. This is a wonderful poem. It really compliments the picture.

  5. I really like the rhythm of this poem. That was some blind date!

  6. Love this -

    without reservation
    a kiss for lunch


  7. lovely poem for a love filled lunch

  8. Looks like she doesn't see him at all!
    We met in a math class. Dreamy, eh?


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